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Weird wobble Vet stumped

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Went to feed one of my boarders yesterday morningand noticed it had been sick and there were what looked like hard poo pellets on the floor as well.

Then I noticed Myson was staggering and wobbling like she was drunk...

rushed her to the vet who took blood samples because she had no idea what had caused it.

I noticed that the cat had patches of sick on her neck so I am assuming she had had a fit...

Blood samples came back clear and by the afternoon the cat was nearly back to normal by today it was as if nothing had happened.

Vet mystified says to keep an eye on her.

I am in a state of panic cause her owner comes to collect her on 26th April.

Rang owner, no history previous. Feeding the same dry food as I have for the last 6 weeks with no problems. Same wet food at evening and water changed twice a day. Same litter ..... nothing different and other cat fine....


Any ideas ?
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Could she have been bitten by something? or eaten a toxic insect or bug?
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Balance issues often turn out to either be inner ear related, neurological, or cardiavascular (or in kittens exposed to disptemper, a permanent balance condition commonly referred to as wobbly-bobbly disorder). I've also seen cats that had a single seizure never repeated. Perhaps something got in her ear, an insect perhaps, and then escaped. If it doesn't return then YAY!
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Age of kitty in question??? If young I would suspect a bite or ear issue.. If aged maybe beginning arthritis
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She is about 8 according to her owner but she looks older. She wasn't in the best of condition when she came in and actually looks better now.

Before she came in the owner had returned to the UK leaving them in the care of her previous flat mates. The cats had been running a bit wild and the owner of the apartment wanted them out so I was asked to take them. Both were full of fleas and worms (although fully vaccinated), and this one was a bt on the thin side.

The girls in the paprtment said she does not use the litter tray and I had noticed she didn't use it. I cured that by putting a second litter tray in the other corner as well but she does occaisionally seem to miss it.

I have not had a very good week for it this week, what with both my boys getting colds then this and on the same day Myson had her attack one of the dogs (big male dog bit like a Jindo) jumped tha wall and landing in a huge cactus... he was covered in lumps of cactus which he tried to pull out getting them in his mouth and screaming in pain so he had to be rushed to the vets as well to be sedated ..... My vet billis horrendous at the moment.
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Any possbility of FIP? Is the cat a good weight?
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