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I'm new here and I just wanted to say hello! I'm 23, live in Ohio with my husband and 2 cats, Sasami (rhymes with 'salami') and Kida (like the Atlantean princess in Disney's 'Atlantis').
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Hello Katja71578

Welcome aboard to you and your cats! What region of Ohio are you from? I live in the Cleveland area. I hope you find this board as informative and fun as I have!
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Welcome to the site!

What do your cats look like? How old are they? I love the names you have for them.

Hope to see you posting often!
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Well, I live near Canton, home of the Pro-Football Hall of Fame. Yay. It's not really that bad except when I-77 is under construction during HOF Week. Then it gets crazy!

Sasami is about 10 mos. old and has the cutest markings...she's mostly black but has a white tummy and white paws. She also has a white upper lip, which I think makes her a perfect candidate for the 'Got Milk?' campaign.

Kida is about the same age but she is a big old mess of colors: she's mostly white with some light tan spots, grey and black stripes and orange and yellow-ish stripes!

This afternoon I'm picking up some photos that have just been developed and hopefully there will be a few pictures of my babies in there for me to scan and post for you all to see!

I also have another story for you all, but seeing as how I'm at work...I'll have to wait and post it tonight!

Thank you all for such a kind and warm welcome. I look forward to reading as well as writing many posts!

Safe Travels, Katja71578...:o)
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Welcome Katja, it so nice to see so many newbies on this forum. I just joined a couple weeks ago. Your Sasami sounds exactly like my Kitty-Kitty, I had my girlfriend over this weekend and she suggested we put Kitty-Kitty (7.5 mths old) on the Got Milk commercial. I also have a film in for developing right now, should have by weekend. We will have to compare the two of them after I figure out how to get it on here.LOL Take care and hope to see you often.

Regards, Deborah
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Hi Katja! I'm looking forward to reading your posts. I love black cats with white paws! They're beautiful. Don't tell the other kitties. They'll get jealous.
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Friday night Reece (my hubby) and I went to Country Kitchen, an all night restaurant. When we left I saw this cute cat walking around the parking lot. As soon as we walked over to our car she came over and started rubbing on my legs, so I bent down to oet her. She started meowing and I started feeling bad. Her sides were all sunken in except for her big, fat gut. Well, the Country Kitchen is in the next town over and right on the main drag, and I was afraid that if we left her there she would wander out into the street and get hit by a car.

Well, Reece knows how I am, he knows that I would sit up all night and be upset, even if she didn't get hit by a car. So, we decided to bring her home with us. Now, we live in a fairly good sized 2 bedroom apartment, but let me tell you, two cats really fill up the place! We knew that we couldn't keep her, so we planned on taking her to our local Animal Protective League (which is where we got our Kida). Well, on the car ride home, I was petting the kitty and felt her nipples poking out. --Uh Oh!--

When we got her home we put her in our kennel cage and put it in the back bedroom, sequestered away from the other cats. A little under a year ago our family had a horrible incident with feline lukemia, but this isn't the time or place for that story...

Saturday I called my mom and told her about our new, temporary resident. She pointed out the fact that she might already have a litter somewhere at the Country Kitchen. I asked her to come over and take a look and give me her input, if mom thought that there was a litter of babies, I would take her back and put her where I found her.

My mom showed up and determined that this was her first litter (whew!), and that she was in labor! Well, we waited with baited breath thinking that she was going to have kittens any moment. Well, we were wrong.

We kept checking on her Sunday, but still nothing. Monday, we both had to go off to work...and wouldn't you know it, by the time I got home Monday afternoon there were 3 tiny babies in the cage with 'Little Mama'!

They're so cute and fuzzy! Their tails are the most adorable things! And their tiny little whiskers!

Anyhow, my digital camera is pretty cheap, I can't take any good quality pictures with it, so I have to take regular pictures and wait to get them developed. But as soon as I do (and figure out how to attach them) I'll put them here for all to see!
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I don't believe her finding you at the exact right time was a coincidence. I think God was watching out for one of His little creatures. What would that poor mommy kitty have done if you hadn't come along? Now she and the babies will get nourished and warm and have a chance at life. So precious.
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What a very sweet story.
Best of luck with the little kitties, I look forward to seeing the pics.
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