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I have a copy of the Winsor Pilates, which was recomended to me by one of my healthier friends who loves it...I think I'm doing it wrong though, because my abs rarely hurt, even afterwards...where I feel it is in my legs, and something tells me my thighs aren't my "powerhouse" I tried to do a full sit up last night and just sat there making noises, so I'm pretty sure that it's not because my abs are too strong. My sister thinks it's because I'm not breathing right (more like my sister is assuming I'm not breathing right). Any hints for the beginner?
The full sit ups ARE HARD at first. I remember having tears in my eyes the first week AFTER I was able to do a full sit up.

One thing that I've seen for beginners with the full sit up is to lay on your back with your legs bent (knees towards the ceiling) slightly. Then slowly lift your arms off the floor along with your head and shoulders. This is a modified version of the full sit up. Once you've mastered that, then go onto the full sit up.

An idea for breathing would be to go through the DVD and practise the breathing exercises without doing any of the exercises. This will give you a good idea of how things should feel and flow.

Another thing would be to check your abs during exercises. Such as if you're doing a double leg stretch, take the time to feel your abs...make sure they're tight. If not, consentrate.