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I got a job!

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It isn't much, but I got hired as a waitress at a local Olive Garden. I need to buy some clothes for it, but I think I can manage that. I've never done food service so I don't know what to expect. But that's okay! I'll be getting my feet under me pretty soon I think. Not completely dependent on what's-his-name any more. It's a good move I think.
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Good for, you! A high-traffic restaurant, like that, should be good for tips.
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Way to go Allison!!!!! :baloon: :rainbow:

I'm glad it's the Olive Garden and not something like Chili's or Bennigan's. Not as many unappreciative teens go to the Olive Garden. Now I'm not labeling teens but at the other establishments I have mentioned I often see rowdy teens there on Friday and Saturday nights. I see well mannered ones also, but the rowdy ones tend to ruin it for those seated around them.
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Yeah - one step at a time and I think you are doing great. CONGRADULAITONS!!!!
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Hey Sunlion! My family eats at the Olive Garden on 20 and Cooper once in a while on Sundays after church. It's so good, and the kids love it too. I'm glad you got a job, I know you've been looking long and hard. I used to wait tables in college, and it was pretty good money. And since you can never get out of the Olive Garden without spending a decent amount of money, you should do well!!
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Awesome Sunlion!

maybe you can smuggle a cheese grater home, .

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Yeah! Good for you! It may not be what you ideally want to do with your life, but making ends meet is more important. Olive Garden should be a good place to work. If you are going there to eat you are planning on dropping some money, so the tips should be good. I knew a guy who waited at one of those really high end restaurants, and he would bring home up to $500 per night in tips. One night he got a really big table and got (I think) $500 in one tip! (Of course, that table took up most of his evening.)
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Be sure and buy comfortable shoes, your feet will start to ache at the end of your second shift. Way to go Allison!!!
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I'm glad to hear that, because we have an opening where I work now (I had mentioned it before, but it was filled before you answered back about the experience and now another has opened up) but serving is probably better because it's more flexible and you can probably make more there. It's also closer to you. Good luck!

PS Too bad you don't start until Monday, because a friend and I are going out tomorrow, and since it's her treat for my birthday, I get to pick the place. I had pretty much narrowed it down to Olive Garden!
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I love the Olive garden. I've only been there a couple times but they make sure you never leave hungry.
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Congratulations on your new job! When will you start and what days are you working? Are they flexible with your daugther?
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I start Monday for training.

Mostly I'll work lunches, and they seem to be pretty good about me needing to leave early now and then. Of course, since the money is in the tips not the salary, any time I miss is my own loss, literally.

And I can pick up hours on Weds. nights and weekends that she visits her dad, as long as they know in advance so they can schedule me. Which is also nice, since I'm not dating or anything, so I don't mind working Friday or Saturday night.

Just got to get the clothes for the dress code (white Oxford type shirts, black pants, shoes and socks, and a couple of neckties) and I'm good to go.
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: : : : : :
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BTW, I love the Olive Garden. Italian is one of my favorite foods. And I always tell people not to eat anything before going there!
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My S/O used to bartend at the Olive Garden here in Lancaster. It's not exactly fine dining, so you might get some cheapskates, but I know the servers made really good money, up to $150 on a Friday or Saturday night. If you are working mostly lunches, my advice would be to ask to stay on, or find another server who wants to leave when they close your section. You make a lot more money that way.

I spent many years in the restaurant business. It can be demanding, but what job isn't? It is never boring, unless it is slow, which I don't think will happen often at the OG. Good luck.
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This is great news. Good Luck.

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Great, Alison! Both of my daughters were waitresses. It put them through college, and in one case, graduate school. My oldest daughter is a physical therapist and still works weekends as a waitress to help pay off her school loans. The tips are too good to give up. This way you may work up to management, find out that you love the job, or make the maximum while trying to find work in a business environment. You can't lose!
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Way to go Sunlion!!!
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That is great news. Congratulations. I am sure it will be a great experience and a good start back into the workforce!
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YEY Sunlion!!! Excellent news!! Good for you!!!
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Congratulations!!!!!! And Good Luck!!!!

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Congratulations! Thats such good news. Let us know how you like it. I've never worked in a restaurant or fast food place, but I've heard that it is fun and you make good tips.
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Congratulations!! You'll make great tips there! I'm so happy for you.
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I am So glad you have gotten a job, and I think The Olive Garden would be a cool place to work...I LOVE eating there....hubby and I venture up to Des Moines every so often (it's about 70 miles away) and we eat there quite a bit when we go, I LOVE their food!!!
Let us know how it goes!!!
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