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Harness training

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I have started training Abi to wear a little harness in preparation for our cross country move so I could leash her and prevent the unexpected bolt from the station wagon. It was a total hoot. Nothing about this harness was tight. i bought the kind you'd put on a puppy that has a section that goes under her chin and behind her forelegs and under her tummy. Well, you'd think she was in complete captivity becauuse she spent the first hour hunching down in total compliance. I encouraged her to play and jump and run around and by the end of the day she was a bit more active. Trying to catch moths against the windows at night. but I took it off for bedtime to ease her misery. I wonder if that will make it more confusing for her than wearing it all the time until we move.

When my husband got home and saw her little black harness he asked if I was training her for Bondage. we had a great laugh about that.
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Aww, it'll get better! I just took Marlee out for the first time in her harness yesterday. Sometimes even though she's been in it quite a bit the last week, she will walk in such a way that it almost looks like she is doing an "army crawl!"
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Oh Ollie does the "harness wearin army crawl" too!! I bought him one right when I got him (but he was about 3 yrs old when I brought him in from the streets)... at first, he'd act like he was completely paralized when I put it on him - at the most, would just roll around like he was drugged... then it got to a bit of an army crawl... now he's much better about it. I put it on him whenever he'll be leaving the house (he goes in his carrier, but is harnessed and leashed and the leash is attached to the leash hook inside the carrier)... he also wears it for his monthly baths (I attach his leash to a handle inside the tub... he's good about his baths, but tend to attempt an escape when he's naked and soapy! haha) Now he's much more used to his harness.... I had tried MANY times to harness him and take him out for a little fresh air and he would FREAK out (whether it was the harness or the outdoors or both, I dont know) but a few weeks ago, we had REALLY nice weather, so I decided to try again and he got comfortable in a few minutes and was exploring my parents' backyard as I walked him! He enjoyed it so much he started crying when I picked him up to come back inside!! So it will just take some time for your kitty to get used to it, but it will happen! Better to start early so she's ready for your trip.... good luck!
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Originally Posted by BuzbyJLC10
Oh Ollie does the "harness wearin army crawl" too!!
That's exactly what it is. It's so funny. Today I set up the car barrier and let her see what that was like. we definitely have to fine tune that. Although i doubt she will be doing any bolting from the car is her bondage gear.
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Awwww lol, my kitties know when i pull out the leash and harness its time for outside. I started them when they were 3mths old, so its only been a month and they love it, i even got one of those retractable dog leashes so they can wonder in the grass while im sitting on my porch lol

Good luck
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Dushka did the crawl thing too with her harness at first, but not the others!
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I too tried to get my first kitty Melody to walk on a harness and leash right after I got her. I had the same kind as you and I also had quite a laugh as I watched her run through the house as if she was on fire! I am a veterinary technician and I have found throught talking with a few clients at work, that if you start with a less restrictive harness, they seem to do better. After the first incident with Melody I went out and bought an all inclusive harness, that I found at Petsmart, it is all one long "rope" that formed a harness around her neck and chest. It worked great! I slowly introduced her to it in the house and after a dew hours of it one it was as if it wasn't even on, she was walking around normally! I think it was such a lighter weight and less restricting that she forgot it was even on!! Then I slowly introduced her to the original harness and it went much smoother! She was just fine and I am now able to take her out on long evening walks to chase bugs and enjoy the warm night air! I am not implying that this happened overnight, but I was patient and let her tell me what she was okay with and eventually we get it figured out. Good luck to you and your very adorable kitty!!!!
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I tried to put Skittles on for a walk today but she is protesting. Then started her sneezing again so I think I will wait and ask the vet.
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