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Tuesday's DT

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I haven't been around for a week because of computer problems, so I thought I'd catch up at the DT. There wasn't one! I have been reading a great series of books by Susan Howatch that Bodlover recommended, but I really need a CatSite fix! We're having a stormy, warm day in Western PA. How are the rest of you faring?
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Doing good in Colorado. Another warm day. No rain.

I just have to share this...At the club a couple weeks ago there was a girl there taking entries for Comedy Works, some contest. I figured why not so I entered. I won! I get 20 tickets to any night. Of course, there is a 2 drink minimum but that is the case whether you buy your tickets or get them free, and I don't even think I know 20 people I can bring. I just can't believe I won because I NEVER win anything like this!
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I can imagine how you felt. I always buy tickets for good causes, and never expect to win. Have fun with your friends!
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Warm and sunny, here. Had a huge fight, online, with my ex, last night. This morning, had phone conference, with the judge and I won this round! We are scheduled to go to court, next Tuesday but, if he behaves himself, I'll accept his settlement offer. I, just, want this over with!
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I'm on vacation and try to stop everyday to check my email. I didn't come yesterday or the weekend, so the total amount of emails were 149. And hotmail keeps on giving me warnings about going over my account. I woke up at ten today and nine yesterday. Its sunny and windy. The forecasters are predicting that we will be suffering another drought this summer. Yuck!!! So they are talking about water conservation.
Rascal is doing fine. Sleeps a lot. I try to engage him in several hours of play everyday so he dosen't get too fat!
Have a nice day everyone!
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... and I am grateful that the workday is over and I can focus on the family part of the day. I had a LONG day at work (can y'all relate?) because I am the Student Government coordinator and we had elections (so tired). I took my 2 baby kitties to the vet for shots and they are fine. Now I am deciding about dinner. Veggie burgers or Szechuan chicken????? Hmm....
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We have a new doctor working this week. Talk about S-L-O-W!! It wouldn't be so bad but this is a busy time of year for us with heartworm tests, new kitten and puppy exams and everyone seems to be due for vaccines now. So we were all running around frantically trying to make-up for time spent in the rooms. Ugh!!

BTW glad to see you back Jeanie!!
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Thanks, Jessica! I'm really glad to be back. Is this a newly graduated vet, or new only to your facility? I'm thinking about the Animal Planet shows about vets in training, and thinking what it would be like to watch them grow in their profession. What's funny is a young female vet who just couldn't pass and had to repeat some courses-several times, I think, and now I see her treating wildlife. I'm sure she knows her stuff now, but----
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He's just new to the practice. He's from New Jersey and only came up here to fill in for my boss who left for vacation after the other doctor came back. He's a nice guy and certainly knows his stuff but I guess I'm just not used to the way he does things.

It's funny you mentioned the vet shows on animal planet Jeanie because at work one day we're watching wild vets(I think that's the name of the show) and the dr I work with knew the vet who was working with a sick bird. He was teaching at Cornell I think when the guy was a student. It was kind of funny... Oh well.
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