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~~~ Good Friday Morning ~~~

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Finally Friday!!

Gonna be a busy day here today trying to get everything done before the weekend.

Hopefully I'll have time this weekend to do some work around the house and get back on my workout schedule. It's been almost 2 weeks since I last worked out which makes me feel miserable.

Other than that, have engagement pictures tomorrow and a hockey game tomorrow night.

Anybody else super glad it's Friday? What are your plans for the weekend??
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Good almost Saturday morning to you!

I not long got home from a phat gig and I'm so hyped up on sugar right now!

Roll on the weekend and partying!
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i was out untill 00:30 last night and didnt get to bed till 2 am and woke up at 6 am.. i am not feeling too well!
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oh fwan fwan fwan, have something greasy and for me too!
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Well yesterday was pretty interesting...I get home and ALL the cats were out. Not a lot of hissing and such. So that made us rethink on Whitey. Now B wants to give him a couple of more weeks (he actually READ cat web sites) He never does that. He'll normally have me do it and then say that they're lying. Boys....
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Hi everyone,

Just got back from town, eye test went ok. No new glasses needed..whew.

Picked up some contacts while i was there and got some veg for tonights stir fry ..yum

Jake is outside washing his face, Izzy is dribbling all over my hands as i type and Jaz is sleeping on our bed.

Been watching the news, its all so depressing bird flu in Scotland, nurse stabbed on a 'smoke' break outside the hospital, 40 dead in suicide bomb in Iraq...there must be something good happening somewhere in the world surely

Oh well, the High Court verdict on Dan Browns Da Vinci Code should be released soon. Do you think it was plaigarism (sp.)? I hope not i was looking forward to seeing the film, i like Tom Hanks
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Good morning everyone!!!

It's very dull and dreary here today...lots and lots of rain. I'm going to go and put down the deposit for our DJ for our Stag & Doe and our wedding today!
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Its so rainy and icky here today - it matches my mood! Arg... Harley had me up about every hour wanting to play and making tons of noise around the apartment - I think he's out to get me today!

I'm taking off to stay with my Aunt & Uncle and their kids in a hotel this weekend to watch my cousin wrestle for NYWA State today (he's in 6th grade) so I'll be there all weekend - it'll be nice to get away for awhile

I haven't gone into work yet, 5 more minutes.... I wish I could stay home! I dont feel like venturing out into the icky rain!
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well im glad in away cause ive had a lie in this mornin cause no school run to do lol but now ive got 2 weeks of tryin to ocupy 2 kids
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Morning Everyone !!!

Besides the icky rain, it's really warm out. I'll take that anyday! I have to work today from 2-9:30 how icky! and in between that try and find Jason and I something to wear for our pictures tomorrow!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!
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It started out fine - sunny and warming up - but my right hand is numb (slept on that side wrong), my left leg fell asleep just as I got up to use the toilet (making me limp more than usual), and when I walked into my room to change clothes, I jammed my pinkie on the door facing.
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I got home early today, so today's already a good day.

I'm home alone today, and all of this weekend, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet..
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I'm so glad its Friday think im having a drink tonight and not doing anything all weekend, im just going to relax
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