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10 Month Old...Very Active

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Just another question...when don't I have one?? The trials of being a first time cat owner....I was just wondering how much energy a 10 month old cat is suppose to have. Inkie is wild. He'll run all over the place and even over me when I'm sleeping in bed. He's constantly seeking attention and is becoming very vocal. With the vocal though, I just go about ignoring it, but this morning he head-butted the bedroom door to be let in. Is this normal? anything I should worry about?
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A small kitty can and will do everything in it's power to run amuck, scatter trash, dig through a pile of fresh laundry, jump on sleeping people, nibble ears, lick faces, climb drapes, skid on vinyl.......lol A perfectly happy (where do they get the energy) loved kitty. One way you can help yourself out is to adopt a second kitty very much near this one's age. If that is feasible. Being that it is kitty season, there are many kittens out here now that need homes and a second kitty will allow your's to interact with another of his species and the two of them will wear each other out instead of him wearing you out! lol Until then, you are his primary playmate and your house is his playground! Welcome to Kittydom!
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He sounds like a lot of fun!
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I am sooo soryy but I can't help but laugh - he sounds wonderful. Don't you just wish you could tap that energy. He is more than normal - I would worry if wasn't like that.

I have a Bengal and the are very very active and extreemly vocal - now think my Loki is 2 years old and does this and he is not expected to slow down until he is much older (maybe) . hehehe

Enjoy - sounds like he is a character and lots of fun!!!!!
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When Cosmo was little he used to head butt the bedroom door to be let in. I always ignored him b/c I didn't want him to learn that if head butts the door, then we open the door.

Your kitten sounds like fun!

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Is he neutered yet? If not, he may be coming into sexual maturity and they can become very vocal and energetic. If he's not, I would consider that one of the first options.
Second would be a playmate or more stimulation. Cats when they are bored tend to get into more mischief. They need to keep busy somehow and it always seems to be while you are asleep You can try getting a really big play session in before bed and see if you can't get him into your routine. One really fun thing is to put a rubber ball in the bathtub
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