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Paypal Emails - BEWARE

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I received an Email which appeared to be from Paypal warning me of possible interferance with my account.

It looked genuine and provided a link to rectify any possible difficulty. However when you click on the link a Trojan was released

My pc security caught this and deleated it immediately. (It pays to get a good one! )

So no matter how careful you may be with Emails, (i made a mistake by opening this one), these people will find a way to scam you

Please be careful - always go direct to the site through your browser, never open through an Email link. A mistake i wont make again!
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There have been a lot of those recently!! I received one where the whole entire text was a link!

There've been so many phishing scams from online banks too!!

It's always good to get a reminder!! Good job you had a great antivirus!!
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I cant believe i opened it

We do all our banking on line now, i dread to think what could have happended if the Trojan had taken hold. Fortunately we have an up to date version of McAfee which saved the day.
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Don't you find though - banking online - that it throws you if you receive a cheque?!!

Maybe you were having a C.R.A.F.T. moment?!! (I get them sometimes too!! )

It really was lucky!! Amazing where these things come from really!
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It bugs me to no end that some people have nothing better to do than find bigger, better ways to destroy other peoples' belongings. Good thing you had a great AV program.
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