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"Barking Cat"

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you guys have to watch this video - so sweet and funny
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Hmm... this is weird! I guess you didn't notice that, exactly 15 minutes before you posted this,
-this topic [click]- was already up?

It is soooo funny tho!
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Originally Posted by Hell603
you guys have to watch this video - so sweet and funny
Skittles tried to kill my laptop over this LOL... I think the cat is in heat.
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teufel does it all the time but not as loud!
I will have to record it
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That was to funny
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Trouble does that as well.

My RB boy, BC, truly barked though.
He'd see the neighborhood tom spraying his yard and he'd Yoooooo! Yooo No! at that cat.
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Pixel and Monkey both do this, usually when sitting in the window watching birds in the trees outside.
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doubles sorry - but it is so sweet
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That's hysterical! My dog makes the same noises - he looked up at the sceen the moment the video started!!
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That is so adorable!!!! hehehehehe
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That is too funny. My cat AND her offspring do this when they are MAD at the string toy, only their top lips curl up like they are growling.
And once when I was fostering a cat, it tried to get up on my lap while my cat was already there and she made this noise at him. He immediately went away LOL poor fella.
Thanks for sharing.

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LOL! I bet he is watching a bird or something out the window!

Mine do it too, mainly at their toys, Cody does it in protest to anything I tell him like "go to the room."
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wonton does's hilarious he chatters if you disturb him in his sleep too..i've got a video of it somewhere, will try to find it and post it up.
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Hee hee! More chattering. Yep, Ziggy does this too... and that kitty in the video probably was looking at a bird. Ziggy does it in his sleep (when he's disturbed) and when he wants to start a fight with another kitty in the house. A play-fight, of course... but he's still young, so he tends to be rough and the other kitties don't necessarily always want to join in. Maybe he feels a need to threaten them.
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My sister's cat does this too. She only does it when birds are outside of the window. We say she is talking to the birds.
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I've never seen a cat do that before.. that was funny!
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That is too funny!!!
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