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Gizmo using litterbox A lot

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Gizmo has been going in his litterbox a lot since we got home this morning. Is it possible some of the Adult food he ate is bothering his tummy? His poop looks normal. By normal, I mean it is not runny or change of color.

Aside from this all is normal..... when I take him in next week for his 2nd pair of shots, I have to take a "sample" in.... what is the best way to do this? Sorry, but I have never had to do this before!!
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Ah, yes the old stool specimen routine. Don't worry, those testing the specimen know you cant do it with out some litter remains. Do you use the clumpable or old fashioned? Actually either way try to change the box the nite before or early morning and before the cat has visited the box. Take the specimen from that first bm of the overnite if possible. You don't have to take in a whole ziploc baggy full! One poop at least 1/2" is enough. Try to catch it early especially if it is soft before the litter dries it because moisture or texture is one of the things the vet looks for. Try to observe and remember the total amount of the movement as this is one of the things they may ask you. I have always used a disposable plastic spoon to retrieve the specimen and then put in a ziploc baggy an throw spoon away (Duh!) I didn't mean to sound like you wouldn't know to throw the spoon away, I just meant don't have to send spoon along in bag. Hope this helps. Let us know how Gizmo is.
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