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Do those of you with multiple cats & pets get extremly jealous of each other? IN my hosue thats always been an issue i hate it. For example today i was out by the dog fence petting the new adopted stray cat and taking wood shavings out of his long fur my dog was watching me the WHOLE TIME and was throwing fits like barking and biting logs etc...

ALso My new kitten that i got from the barn is so possesive of me i will be petting my old cat 10 years old and has been with me since a kitten and the 10 month old kitten will come over get in my face and SIT ON top of me or she will annoy the older cat till he gets fed up and just walks off.

Is it okay to give more attention to the older animal that was there first? When the younger cat gets all up in my face or the cats face for petting him i just ignore her and continue petting him. But he use to sleep with me EVERY night now he NEVER does because she hogs the bed. ANy of you have this problem?
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It's the ONE thing that if I could change in cats I would, and that's mostly because I AM SO exhausted after so many years of trying to keep everyone happy (and not succeeding!). It just goes on and on, the new ones, the old ones, their food, their territory in the a.m, and different ones at night, endless! I really love all of mine, but I could also use a break. It's just the perks of cats being cats.
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I'd love an answer to this one myself.

Rocky gets very intimidated if the other guys try and push into his play, which they always try to do.
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Mine get jealous easily at times, especially certain cats. If I am petting Aries or Caesar and another cat wants some luving also, these two will yowl and slap the other cat pretty hard. (they never use their claws...) or throw the other cat down making yowl er er er noises. Little devils. then they look at me as if to say HOW COULD YOU. or if they see me pet another cat outside that walks by...ohhhhh...the looks through the window...if they could kill I would not be here right now writing this.
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I can honestly say that Bijou and Mika do not seem to be jealous of each other. If I'm playing with the feather with Mika, Bijou will sit to the side for a bit and then will join in and then Mika will move over and let Bijou play for awhile. I give them their treats together and when they are finished eating their own, they will share what's left of the other's, then lick each other and go off to do their own thing.
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My two went through a jealousy phase a while back but once they realised that I would always give them both attention (I alternate who gets cuddles first) and never leave one of them out, they stopped and are now fine
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Carl is a very jealous cat. He gets jealous of anything.. newspapers, television, computer, book, GameBoy, boyfriend.. you name it! lol!

Anything that you devote your attention to instead of your cat is bound to be the object of a cat's envy at some point. Best you can do is try to accomodate so no one feels left out.

Luckily, I've never had more than one cat at a time. I've always said that given the amount of attention I give Carl, if I got another cat, giving them attention would have to become my full-time job!!
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