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OMG!!! Must find some!!!

A few years back, Pepsi test-marketed Pepsi Kona, a coffee cola, in the Philadelphia area. It was absolutely DELICIOUS. They stopped making it after a year and I have been missing it ever since.

If they're not selling it in CO, I will pay someone to mail me some LOL. No joking!
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Dh just tried the bottle I had bought him yesterday and said "good! very nice flavors". He really enjoyed it.
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well ive not seenin it over here in the uk yet but i love coke but hate coffee so i dont think i will be tryin it
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Does it actually have coke in it, or is it just carbonated coffee? I think I'll stick to Starbucks doubleshots.. mmmm...mmmmm....
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Wow, I've just realised (shows how observant I am) that the one I've been raving about is actually Pepsi . It's Pepsi Max Coffee Cino - can't you tell I don't do the shopping!
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Hmm, I saw commercials for that, but I don't really drink coke. I will try it though for grins at least. When in need of a soft drink, I drink Coke Zero. It is the only 'diet' drink I like, I cant stand diet coke or C2 or whatever. But Zero tastes just like Coke to me.
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Target is carrying it. It is DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!! It does indeed remind me of Pepsi Kona, coffee and cola-ish and a little aftertaste of chocolate/mocha. Mmm.

It is cola and coffee together, not carbonated coffee.

Mmmm mmmm mmmm

Sue has a new addiction
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yay! I'm glad its not just me.
my mother thinks I'm nuts.
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Tybalt tried it last night and emailed me that he doesn't like it. Yay, more for me
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I like the frilly coffee flavor and tried the coke when the store I used to work at got the sample a few weeks ago. It was gross. It made my stomach hurt. The first sip tastes like coke but the after taste is coffe and it made me want to
They are also phasing out Cherry Vanilla Dr.Pepper and doing a berry blend version. It is also gross!
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Well, it's made it to my area.

$5 for 4 tiny bottles!!!
Jeremy said I didn't rate that high

Yes, he was kidding.
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Originally Posted by eupnea
haha, I was born in Texas and people would use it for EVERYTHING.
I knew a woman who would pour it over ham before she baked it.
If I recall correctly... there's something about the acid in soft drinks that breaks down tough meat fibers... it's a tenderizer, more or less.

Anyway... I'm not a big coffee fan... this combinations sounds a little far out to me!
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