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More Kitten Questions

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Bleh! I don't understand cats!

Niko just moved the nest, from the relatively secluded and out of the way closet, to under my bed. Given that I live in a bachelor suite, the bed is pretty much in the area I spend most of my time. I'm struggling to understand WHY she moved them.

a) Yesterday one of the rabbits got out. She was in the area of the closet, but didn't go in or anywhere near the kits. Niko was present, and seemed totally unconcerned about her movements. Could the rabbit have caused the move? (Keep in mind, the bed is a lot closer to the rabbit cage. The rabbits and Niko have always gotten on amazingly well, to the point they groom each other)

b) Niko's little cubbyhole is secure, but awfully snug, and the kittens have almost doubled in size. Under the bed is lotsa room. Perhaps this is simply to get some more space?

c) Could she maybe be lonely, and want to move closer to where I am?

d) She's doing this to mess with my head, and in another week the litter will be somewhere else?

Also, I've noticed Niko 'talks' to her kittens, especially when they're nursing. Usually in short, trilling meows. Has anyone else's cats done this?

I'm working on pictures. Hopefully I'll have some by next week.
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She will move them if she feels that they have been threatened in any way. Right now I am holding my breath and hoping McKenzie stays put with her young-uns as we just put in higher sides to the closet where she had her kids so the kittens wouldn't be able to wander about when they search for mom, should she leave them. But I used the electric screwgun to keep the boards in place and it could of freaked her out enough so that she moves them. Also, once they get more active, she will probably move them herself, knowing that where they are isn't enough room for them to thrive. She will want them in an open enough area that she can keep a lookout for predators of all shapes and sizes, under you bed probably fits really nice in her way of thinking.
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