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The sandman came for Rosie.

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I went downstairs for a can of coke and wasn't gone 60 seconds and there she was sitting on the shelf where my keyboard is only it's behind her

After "gently" coaxing her off with a treat she went up the next level where she started getting sleepy.

The sandman was getting her, and no she wasn't sleeping with her mouth open, she was busy giving a half hearted chatter because she knew i was taking her picture

Night night sweetie pie

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Oh My Word
Rosie is just an angel I love her so much! She has made me want to go to bed.
How do you ever leave the house when she is home?
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Aww, that is so cute! Rosie's such a sweetie.
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Rosie is such a doll!!!!!!!!
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I love Rosie, though I just noticed, she and Sophie have the very same black mark on their noses
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Awwww She is such a talker!!

What a sweetheart!
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Awww, sweet dreams Rosie!
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Love the sleepy chatter! Rosie, you're too cute!
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Awww...she is sooo cute in those pictures! She makes me want to take a nap, though!
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Awwww, I just love Rosie, she looks so content!
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Aww Rosie.
She's definitely one of my favorites.
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She looks so cuddly. I bet she is warm at night
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aaaaaaaahhhhhhh.... resting her head on her paw... how cute IS THAT?

What a tired girl
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I just noticed she fell to sleep while reading TCS... LOL how many of us have done that be honest... :
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How cute!!!!
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Awwww I love sleeping kitties
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Awww Susan, she's lovely. I love how she guards your computer for you while you're gone and then sleep talks when you come back
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I wish I had a camera but I didn't get it fast enough. I just walked in from wally world and I could not see skittles so I walked in to my kids room and she is hanging from the bunk bed asleep. Her Head is on the mattress but she is on the sheet in a dead sleep and her weight is causing it to slip off with her on it. I run to get the camera and as I go to snap the sheet and her fall and I got the ceiling because I tried to help her. Was funny. OK OK you had to be there.
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She is such a doll!
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Awww!!, she is so precious!!
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aww! I love the "half-hearted chatter" picture!!! This is my first time back to TCS in a few months, and of course my first post has to be on a thread about dear Rosie!!!
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Awwwww Sleep tight, Rosie!
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Rosie is so stunningly pretty.
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There's my beautiful, beautiful girl!
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Gosh is she ever adorable! Night, night Rosie.
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