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Bird Flu

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A swan was found dead about half an hour from where I live. It's been confirmed that it definately had bird flu!
The country has already gone pretty crazy when really it only affects farmers. Sales of chickens have already gone down.
The world has gone mad!
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Yikes! That is scary....I just heard something on the radio today that they think it will hit the US by end of year!! Thats just some scary stuff, I tell ya.
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Honestly, the scary thing for me is that it affects cats too.... not that I don't feel sorry for the poor birds.
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WOAH! WAIT WHAT?!?!?!!? It can affect cats?!!?!? Where in the devil have I been?!?!!!?
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If the cats eats from the carcass of an infected bird, yes.
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OH. phew!!! Max doesn't like meat... I try to give him a little piece of ham or cheese hot dog and all he'll do is lick the cheese off the hot dog and then try to bury it in the kitchen floor...
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OMG I never thought about the cats!! I don't eat meat so wasn't too worried myself but the cats!!
Do you think they will be testing the meat or anything??
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I would imagine that the commercial poultry farms will be testing and culling.
Likely culling entire flocks if a single bird is positive, and as far as I know, they are incinerating carcasses of culled birds.
Should be fine as long as you stick to trusted sources.
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firstly hi to all! ive only just signed up specifically to ask this question of people, i worship cats they are wonderfull animals but with the recent news i am graveley worried!

check this out: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.../13/nflu13.xml

the words mentioned that worry me most is "Prof Andrew Easton, of the University of Warwick, said culling cats was not an option "

but maybe that may change if it gets worse, what the hell as cat lovers do we do? id do anything to stop that happening, im just curious to know how others feel on this subject?
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Sorry to hear about the diseased swan. I feel really sympathetic towards the birds; both wild and domestic, and I hope this illness can be eradicated soon. We have so many birds in our yard and in the backwooded area, as the robins that are continuously gathering worms for their babies, nesting right next to the house, the bluejays in our strawberry patch, soaring hawks, woodpeckers, cardinals, chickadees, crowned sparrows, and nuthatches.

There's so much bird activity and since I've been reading about bird flu, I'm always on the lookout for diseased or dead birds, but so far, thankfully, I haven't seen any.
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