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Who provides the better home, me or my mom?

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JJ is originally from Greece, he will be 2 yrs old in July and has already had 6 owners. JJ has always been the only cat in the household until 3 months ago when I brought him to my families house in New England. There he met 2 other dogs, and one other cat at my mom's house where he has been living while I get ready to move to Arizona in June. JJ is technically my cat, and I love him and want him to be with me, except that I feel that JJ has adjusted to life among other people and animals. Although he still is the top cat in the household - he doesn't get all of the attention, all of the time. Which scenario is best for JJ, living with me before and after school or playing with animal friends during the day and having my parent's attention when they get home from work? Please advise. Thanks
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Considering all the moves, I would tend to think that living at your parents might be in his best interest.
Good luck with your decision.
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JJ loves to cuddle at night. He is the most affectionate cat I have ever met. He sleeps with his head right up to yours and kneads on your body to get comfortable. He continued to do this when he went to live with Mom and Dad.

JJ seems to be very adaptable. He continues to use his catbox, he even shares with Dakota (mom's other male cat). He has a great appetite, but he isn't fond of the smaller dog Bosie the Bulldog. Bosie and JJ have issues with personal space. Once Bosie gets in JJ's area, JJ swats and hisses at her. For the most part the two leave each other alone and the house is big enough for everyone to have their own space. However, JJ and Dakota seem to be buddies and enjoy each others company. In fact, I think they may miss each other if I take JJ with me.
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Ummm...well...have you asked your parents if they WANT to be permanently responsible for your cat?
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This is a very good point, my parents don't mind taking him permanently, since they have 3 other animals already in the house.

In your opinion, is a cat happier being part of a group of animals and/or people all of the time, or is a cat happier being the sole cat of the house to get 100% of the attention 1/2 of the time? Thank you all for your comments.
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Your last question - whether an animal is happier with others or by itself - is totally dependent on the critter. They all have individual personalities, and just like people some are more socially oriented than others.

I know my Trent wouldn't know what to do with himself without another kitty around, much to Ophelia's dismay. I think she sometimes likes having Trent around, and she likes to play with him (he takes it too far at times ), but she would probably prefer to be an only kitty. She has actually changed her nap schedule so she is out with hubby and me while Trent sleeps.

Do you know what your schedule will be like in school (school, work, social life)? Perhaps you should put off moving him until you are sure that you will have enough time to dedicate to him. He sounds like a doll, and I'm sure you wouldn't want to inadvertently not be able to give him the attention he needs.
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