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April, you may not like to hear this, but chances of the same thing happening again are pretty remote now, if only because your daughter is more clued in, the cat's lost some status, and because it was a one-time thing. However, it is JUST as likely, if it were to happen again, for the problem to come from any of the other cats! It's one of those things that just happen in life and while you're understandably concerned for your daughter, your anxiety is somewhat misplaced. That cat is no more likely to do it again than any of your cats in a similar situation, so you might as well get rid of all of them, or else deal with the anxiety itself. Getting rid of the cat might, in fact, just start up a new one - guilt, and that's no more fun to live with either. I realize this sounds kind of tough, but the problem is your anxiety now, not the cat. You did a good thing when you explained to your daughter about what really happened and how to avoid it again, now go the last step and give her the chance to prove she's learned something, rather than banning the cat (who of course has long, long ago forgotten what it was all about).
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My cats often get frightned and scratch or bite but after one time I wouldn't think of rehoming them
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I have to chime in here and voice up. I hope you do not gets upset with me.

Skittles came in tot he home at 3 weeks old about 9 weeks my son was asleep and woke up next to the cat and decided he decided he wanted to play and she was ok with it, but something happened and my son had at the least 20 deep scratches all over his hand and arm. He went to doc got on antibiotic and ointment. Since that day Skittles has been so nice to him. Skittles is hubby's cat and after that only Chandler and Chris could pet her. Now she is over a year (had months mixed up) and she has never done it since but she loves everyone. She is the best cat I have had. She is very well behaved. Even when she would not come to me she was still a good cat. I know if I gave her up when she did that I would of never got to see what a great cat she became. My mom has 2 very unfriendly cats and they stay in her room door shut. She lets them out or tries to when no one is home. They like no one else and are very happy to stay in the room. Even if the door is open they will not come out unless the house is 100% quiet and no one is home. They will be 12 and 13 years old. Please do not put the cat down or give up....
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just to let everyone know. i have no notion of putting him to sleep. all i was saying is im a little nervous. and really here is the reason. since i had to take her to the dr the bite wasnt bad but the scratches were awfull on 1 leg. i am afraid that if it happened again and i had to take her in again they might wonder about why i would keep him and wonder about if i was protecting my children. that is the main reason of maybe finding a new home. so far it hasnt happened again and hes been fine besides being more jumpy. and dnow my kid knows if it does happen to get away from him instead of trying to comfort him. as u can see i still have him so my heart isnt into letting him go. we are just kid of seeing how it goes for now but if he does show signs of being aggresive i will have to find a new home for him.
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I realize that I wasn't trying to be rude. I am sorry.
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oh no didnt think u were at all. this whole thing just has e going a little nutso lol and i value everyone opinion.
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ok I feel better now...
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