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Baby Baby Kitten

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Hello! I'm an experienced foster mama. I have bottle fed and raised many kittens, anywhere from a week to 8 weeks old. Being the only person at my job (I'm a vet tech at an inner city shelter) willing to take orphaned kitties home and raise them, i was not surprised when one of the drivers handed me a baby kitten. The moment I unwrapped her from the towel, I realized this is the youngest kitten I have ever had to raise. Her umbilical cord still attached, eyes closed and being half the size of the palm of my hand, I estimated her (I'm pretty sure it's a her) at being 1 - 2 days old. It's now day three of me taking care of her so she's about 5 days old. Now for my question............
She is doing really well so far, eats about every three hours, maybe 4-5 mLs of KMR each feeding, has a little bit of a runny stool............and this is where I run into a small problem...It is really hard to stimulate her. I expected the runny stool ( KMR does that to a kitten) so I give her about 3Mls of fluids three times a day. But she's still not peeing as much as she should be. And she gets sooooo upset if I stimulate her, wiggling and mewing. I put olive oil on her bottom, thinking it might be irritated with no result. My dear vet friend sees nothing physically wrong with her. I just don't know........I use a warm cotton ball, stimulate her after she eats. I just have never had this problem before. So, if anybody has ANY suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. As a matter of fact any suggestions about kittens this young would be cool. Thank You ;-)
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I have heard that sometimes placing their bottom under warm running water may help stimulate more sensitive kittens who are having trouble with the cotton ball method. (being very careful to dry them completely afterward, so they do not get chilled)

Also, are you sure she isn't peeing more than you think...like possibly when you are wiping the soft stools from her bottom?
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From the sounds of things, the website provided below may just be a refresher for you, but on the off chance there is something helpful to you, here is a very good resource on caring for orphaned kittens:

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Thank You Gayef! Kitten-Rescue.com was actually the website I used when I found my first litter of oraphened kittens! It's been a few years and I still use it!! I originally found it totally by accident. Best kitten website ever!
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I can not help you except to offer my kudos for being such a caring person. God Bless.
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