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Profile Pic/Avatar

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I had/have a pic of on of my cats in my profile, and it was appearing on my posts (instead of the kitten avatar), but has suddenly stopped doing so. And the aforementioned kitten avatar now appears instead. Why is this? The profile pic still is there when I look at my Control Panel.
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I can see your profile pic. I am not sure about the avatar though. You need to have a certain numbers of post and days in membership before you are allowed to have a custom avatar.

More info about that can be found here

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Hmm...maybe I'm losing my mind. But I could swear that my picture of Salt was appearing in the place of the avatar before. But now I look back and can't find one instance of it, and I don't see how that could have been, anyway. Not a big deal -- I just thought it was odd. Thanks for the info.
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Your profile picture only shows up on your profile. It never did show up as your avatar.
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