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Hi, can anyone help?

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Hi, my name is Trish and my cat Emily has just been diagnosed with cancer. We are waiting to see if it's caused from contaminated water problem in my town. The DEP letter is on my web site. I unfortunately can not afford the Chemo that they say will help her partially because I have Lupus and have my own meds to worry about. I have started up a cute little web site for her. I am not asking for donations, I am asking for advise on what my next step should be. Please, if anyone can help us out, it would be great, thanks, Emily & Trish.
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For all TCS members......

Fundraising: Solicitations - the needs of rescue workers are great and we recognize this fact. The care of multiple cats, which includes finding suitable homes, good vet care, food, etc is costly. If you wish to bring our attention to the needs of a specific organization you may do so only once, and in the SOS forum only. Other than that, you may use your signature to add a link and a short message regarding the cause you are promoting. From time to time you will see some posts that request donations for a specific cause. It is YOUR responsibility to check these solicitors to the best of your ability. Ask for references and phone numbers, and call around the area to find out if this is a legitimate cause or a scam. The Catsite.com does not stand behind any solicitation of funds that appears in the forums. Be very careful before you send any money; no matter how effective the plea is, check it out before opening your wallet.

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Have you written to imom.org and other orgs like that? Good luck - I hope you can get some help but it would work better if ppl could donate to your vet's clinic directly and you provide more info.
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I wanted to thank all of those that have been supporting my cat Emily and I. We have taken in donations totaling almost $300.00 for her chemo. She went for her second round of chemo yesterday and is doing well so far. Once again, thank you all for your support!!

You can track Emily's progress here - http://www.help-save-emily.com/
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Emily has a great website - I esp. like that you have offered so much information such as info. on Pain Management. I can send only prayers & encouragement for Emily's continued healing. Hugs, Susan
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how has emily been... The site will not work. I will send prayers and try again later.
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You can also place Google ads on your site. That way people with no money can help by clicking your ads.
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