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First ringworm, now bloody stool(coccidia?)!!

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Poor Damita & Chico! I finished their ringworm treatment on Tuesday(4/4). They got to come out of their cages for the first time in 3 weeks to play, & well....move. I was cleaning everything as fast as I could. I had them upstairs playing. I'm washing out the litter pans when I smell something, something, like....maybe POOP! So I run out apologizing to the two of them because I really was washing things as fast as I could. I had to disenfect the litter boxes before they could have them back. Boy was I glad when I saw the poop that I didn't have the boxes clean. I was looking at it closely proud that it was firming up when I noticed blood in the stool. I knew it was Chico's poop. I set up his crate & took him downstairs & put him in it. He has been fuming since. He won't talk to me or play with me when I try to play with him. I watched Damita poop shortly after & it looks like she has blood in her stool. So, I put her in the crate with Chico. Now, at least they aren't in seperate cages. They are together.

I tried calling the HS last night, but the volunteer cleaning didn't know. I would call again this morning, but I know they have a lot of farm famillies coming to get cats & will be swamped. I will be over tonight to volunteer, so I can return all of the ringworm meds & get more for this. I am assuming they will want me to take a stool sample in. My best guess is Coccidia. Any other guesses?
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It could be a number of things. Giardia will also cause blood in the stool as I'm sure other things can too.
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Blood in stool can be due to irritation from the medication you gave them for Ringworm / food allergies, etc.

I would have it checked by the vet!!!!!
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I took a stool sample to the vet today. Turns out they have roundworms. Poor kids! They suggested that I consider treating all of the housecats(Ohpie, Twitch & Lily) just to be safe. I can try to bring in a stool sample on all three, but they suggested that I just treat them. I don't know if I really want to treat everyone on a hunch, but I really don't want roundworms spreading from one cat to the next.
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