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Hi we are new

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Hi, my name is Trish and my cat Emily has just been diagnosed with cancer. We are waiting to see if it's caused from contaminated water problem in my town. The DEP letter is on my web site. I unfortunately can not afford the Chemo that they say will help her partially because I have Lupus and have my own meds to worry about. I have started up a cute little web site for her. I am not asking for donations, I am asking for advise on what my next step should be. Please, if anyone can help us out, it would be great, thanks, Emily & Trish.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!

I am so sorry to hear about Emily.

You may want to post a thread in the Health forum. Someone who has had a similar problem would be more likely to see it.
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Hello it's nice to meet you!!!
I am sorry Emily is ill

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Hi there! Welcome to TCS! I am so sorry your baby is ill. I'm sure you will get all the help and advice you need here. Hugs to you and Emily
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Welcome to TCS. We feel your pain here and we all share the same love for our kitties.
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I am so sorry, Trish. I hope that someone gives you advice about what you should do. If anything, please feel free to stick around and talk if you would like some support. We have many wonderful members.
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Hi and welcome! Am so sorry your Emily is sick (and you too )Prayers going out for you both .
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Welcome to the Cat Site. There is a wealth of information here and bunches of people that truly understand the love of critters!
I hope Emily will be OK.
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Hello Trish and welcome to The Cat Site

I'm so sorry about Emily. I hope you can find answers you are looking for.

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