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Well, I originally joined last summer, and I think I did introduce myself. At the time, I was playing foster mommy to my roommate's cats while she was studying abroad. I learned a ton from this forum, and it helped out alot.

Since then, I adopted my own kitten, Sambuca, back in September. She is almost a year old now. She's had some problems, mainly that she is very timid and is especially scared of males who visit our home. She is a big-earred fluffball and we just love her. She's a gorgeous cat - mostly brown with a little bit of orange mottling and a fluffly grey tail.

My roommate has two cats of her own - Jupiter (4-year-old female, solid black) and Chrome (3-year-old male, tiger stripes). Also residents of our home are two turtles - Tater and Loki - and two tortoises - Draco and Salazar - as well an assorted feeder guppies for the aquatic turtles.
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Hello it's nice to meet you!!!

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Welcome Back
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Welcome back to TCS!
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Hi & WELCOME BACK to The Cat Site from me and my cats!

They always come back!!
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Welcome again!
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Hello and welcome back

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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums!
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