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10 nipples

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I recently discovered my cat has 10 nipples I was under the impression they only had 6-8 also she is pregnent which is why is more noticiable now I was wondering is this normal... and are they all nursable for when the kittens are born?
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I have a kitty that has seven titties! She was already pregnant when she moved in with us, but even then I didn't notice it until she gave birth. It is off-center of midline, but still not lined up with her other teats, and does not have a "mate". It didn't appear to be functional, but since her kittens were typical in that they each had "their own" teat, I never knew for sure. But the fur around it did fall out, just like her "regular" teats. I have tried to find it since then, but her belly fur is too thick now.
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There is a pair up under the front arms that are quite small and easily overlooked unless Miss Kitty is pregnant--OOps I guess I should say "Mrs. Kitty!" It always seems to me that the more kittens mother is expecting, more "spigots" develop. However, I never had a kitty with one in the middle, with no mate!

My brother said he used to date a girl with only one; it was in the middle of her back. She looked a little strange, he said, but she was great to dance with.......ooooooooooooooohhhhh, grooaan!
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