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HELP? Question....

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A 2-Cat Home; 1 Recently Passed Away. I'm concerned about the other. Here's why......

On Sunday April 2nd, 2006 my sweet Demon Kitty, who would have been 17 this summer, passed away in my arms after a brief illness. I just used the very last of my money to have him cremated individually and the ashes returned to me in an urn to be put at home with his step-sister's ashes who passed in 1993.

His "step-brother" Wizard will be 15 this fall and has been with Demon since kittenhood. We've had other kitties along the way as well. This is the first time Wizard has been the only kitty.

He misses Demon, that is obvious. He looks for him in his old sleeping and hiding places from time to time. When I come in he runs to the door, looks at me and then looks behind me like he's seeing if Demon is coming in with me (although both were always house cats).

He seems to be eating fine, he still loves attention, playing and affection, he's always "talked a lot", but more now.

What worries me is: Demon has been gone almost 4 days now. Wizard eats regular, pees regular, but he's only "pooped" once, and that was yesterday.

What does this mean? He is full of energy, I can play with his string and he chases it like crazy, he acts pretty normal under the circumstances, but he just doesn't seem to be "pooping."

Unless he is suddenly doing t elsewhere in the house and I haven't found it, but in 15 years he's never done that unless the litter box was dirty and then he'd do it right outside the box. A couple times I went away for 2 days (leaving LOTS of water and food) and he got mad at me for not being there and dropped a poop on my pillow each time so it was clearly visible. But he's never gone anywhere else in the house So I still don't think he is.

Why would he be eating and acting and playing pretty normal, but not "Pooping" after his step-brother's death? Would this even be related to his step-brother's passing?

Because I've always had 2 or more cats, the litter box got full regularly. I haven't had 1 cat in many years and I can't remember how often they are should be "doing it." It seems natural, to me, they they should go AT LEAST once a day, shouldn't they?

Please let me know.

PS: What Demon passed away of was not a contagious illness or anything.
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Am not to sure but he could be stopped up and it is not related to Demon. Is he drinking enough.
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He could be constipated. Try offering him some canned pumpkin for a day or so, about 1 tablespoon.
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Welcome to the forums BobD. I am sorry to hear about your loss

It is fairly obvious that Wizard misses his brother, no wonder too, after a lifetime together. I would keep an eye on him and wait for another day. It could be that the stress is effecting his digestive system, or it could be that once every two days is his regular pattern (not common, but not impossible either).

You seem to be very alert to your cat's condition and needs. If you notice any other changes in his behavior or overall condition, or if he still doesn't poop for another day, I suggest calling your vet for advice. In fact, if you're even just worried, you should really call your vet anyhow, just to let him/her know of Wizard's condition and get some professional advice
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My older kitty does poop once per day, but he has been known to get contipated. While his isn't related to emotional stress, cats do tend to have stress affect either their urinary or digestive tracts. You can try adding a little bit of fiber to his diet (plain canned pumpkin is one form, though I sometimes use Benefiber since it is easier to mix in).

When one of my family's cats and dog passed away in 2004, the remaining cat, Hannah, became very needy. She has continued to be very cuddly and demanding to this day (she has had regular vet care to rule out physical problems). Be aware that Wizard is likely to need (and demand!) more attention. If you haven't already, I would recommend explaining to Wizard that Demon is gone. When the dog passed (he and Hannah were best friends), she blamed my dad for the dog's "disappearance". It took a while for her to stop associating my dad with the loss of her friend, but she did warm up to him again.

If Wizard goes more than another day or two without pooping, I would take him in to the vet. It is possible for the stress to wreak havoc on his digestion, and you wouldn't want him to be uncomfortable being constipated.
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Thank you and everyone for your kind words and helpful posts.

Wizard POOPED!!! Not a lot and he made funny faces do it, but he did it! I'll feel much better when he does it again and more, but I feel a LOT better now that he did!

I never thought I'd be so happy and excited because my kitty pooped! LOL!

And as for telling Wizard about Demon, I've told him and continue telling and explaining and saying how much I miss him too. I cry and he cuddles. He's always been one to demand attention and talk a lot. I always gave it to him before and I'm giving him even more now (and I think he's loving it!). He isn't mad at me, but it does wonder where Demon is and when I come through my door, every time, he looks at me, then looks to see if Demon is with me or following me. Then he starts talking and I go right to him and start giving him affection. He knows I love him and he know I loved his "step-brother" and miss him. Wizard, like Demon, always gave me unconditional love.

Thank you so much!

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Here is a thought you don't have to but when my Skittles went to the Vet he had to take her temp a little Vaseline and he took it and mind you she had to go. I mean go. He said well that will take the plug out of them every time
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Hi BobD - just to say welcome to TCS and I am sorry for your loss of Demon. You sound like a very caring and committed cat owner and I hope Wizard settles down soon. Maybe one day you will feel like getting another companion for him, and that will help heal his loneliness. If he is used to other cats in the house he would probably take to another one quite well.
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