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Plant question

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I went to that funeral today and the family gave me a peace Lilly to take home. The question I have is.. How do you take care of them? I know they are poisonous to cats so it's out on the porch, but I think it's too cold for it to be out there and I don't want to kill it out of respect for the family.
I'm really not good with plants, can you help me please?
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Unfortuantely I am of zero help, because I could manage to kill silk plants! But I will be sending plant vibes your way in hopes that someone much more knowledable comes along... OH GailC is a gardner, I'm sure she could answer your questions!!
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Originally Posted by Amandaofcols
I could manage to kill silk plants!
Me too! that's why I never have any!
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I'm sure Gail will be on soon to help.
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Peace Lilies are pretty easy to take care of, just put them in a shallow pan of water. Then remember to refill it sometime. The leaves will go to drooping when it needs water, just remember the base of the plant doesn't like to stay wet and will start to get mushy if wet from the top all the time.

Mine I put in a shallow pan of water and stick it outside all summer with just and occasional refill of the pan to get it thru the summer. I do bring them inside during the cold weather and I just got to remember they are around and check on them sometimes. I think that is the only way to truly kill a peace lily without actually drowning it in water.

Have you ever seen the beta fish in a vase with a plant coming out the top that is a peace lily. The only part of the plant in the water is the roots not even any dirt. That is basically what the pan under the plant pot does it keeps the roots wet and not the stems of the plant.
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What do you do with it when it gets cooler???
This one has a basket on it and is absolutely HUGE! Do you put the pan under the basket or take it out of the basket? Are they really toxic to cats? it's on the toxic plant list so I'm concerned. Does it need lots of sunlight?
can you tell I know NOTHING about plants???
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The ones I have from my sisters funeral are in the house. The basket that was on one I finally took it off it is plastic lined and will hold water but the basket eventually slumps sideways and want allow it to maintain and upright position. As for the toxic for cats issue the plants are up high and hard to get to place for Chynna to get too. Thou what bites she has tried on the plants just seem to rev her up and not really make her sick, That I can tell. As for light they are in a room with 4 windows and a good bite of light comes in but dont put them in direct sunlight which dries them out quick and turns the leaves yellow. So in a shady spot they go.

Of course the weather here is running like 40's and 50's at night and hitting up to 70's and 80 during the day. So they most likely could go outside right now as long as we don't get a freeze at night.
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Thanks Carla,
I think I'm going to give this plant a good home. (hopefully).
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your welcome Jugen they are nice plants and really not to hard to take care of. The kitties will like to bat around the leaves and make them ragged looking that is really the main problem I have with Chynna and my peace lilies. She eventually got tired of it and quit doing it. So happy growing with your plant and I know you will give it a good Home.
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As Carla said, Peace Lillies are pretty hardy little things! My friend bought one in Halls and didn't care for it (so I ended up doing it! ) It lasted for almost five years before it finally gave up the ghost - it was bought from a supermarket, so it wasn't expected to be around for so long!!

One thing to also remember is to feed it with Tomato Feed once in a while, as this will encourage it to flower!

I had my peace Lilly for ages and none of my cats showed any interest in it at all - other than a great place to hide behind!

Good luck with it, I'm sure you'll do just fine!
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While I don't have one they are pretty indestructible plants!!!
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