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Six Year Old Female Cat's Ears Flap Over

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I had a female cat that lived only eight years. She had allergic ears her entire life. After a few years, they flapped over. The vet wasn't concerned.

Now, my six year old femaile cat, with only occasional allergic ear prolems -- her ears are flapped over, like Scottish Fold cats.

What's everyone's opinion on this?

Ever heard of it before?

Thank you so much.

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I just realized I shouldn't have used a smile if I want any replies. Daby
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Daby - the smilie wouldn't have made a difference.

Since this isn't a chat site, you may not always get a reply right away. Often folks will read your thread and have no advice so will not post as they know eventually someone with experience/knowledge will come along and hopefully give you an answer.

Just be patient and someone will come along who has experience/knowledge of something similar and will post.

BTW - welcome to this wonderful site.
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You never mentioned what your first cat passed away from? Were the floppy ears related to her death?

Second has your Vet checked your current cats blood pressure/ circulation? Has she had a good medical exam incl. blood work recently?
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I have never heard of this.... I've only seen it in Folds.
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This happens when they shake their heads a lot. The tiny blood vessels in the ear burst and blood pools in the space between the cartilage and the skin. The weight of this makes the ears fold. Eventually the blood clots and the ears just kind of stay in that position.

There isn't really anything that can be done about it. By the time anything is visibly wrong, the space has been created. All that a vet can do is drain the blood, but it will pool right back in the space and you'll have the same situation all over again. But the situation is not at all harmful to the cat. It's just a cosmetic issue.

However, you should have the cat checked by a vet and have any ear discharge looked at under a microscope. It is likely that she has mites, or a bacterial or yeast infection. These are all very uncomfortable but also very easily treatable.
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Thank you for your great reply. She has medicine for yeast, but it's not flaring up now. She has no ear mites. A sample has been tested. Also, she's on monthly Revolution. Daby
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And the smileys info. Yosemite.
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Thanks everyone for replying.

As for how my previous 8 year old died, it had nothing to do with her ears. They had gotten all pigmented black and everything, and the vet had no concerns there.

She was skinny all her life, got picky a few days, and died in her sleep.

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