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open sore on leg

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My cat, Oliver, has an open sore on the backside of his rear leg. Not a cut or a gash, but more like an abrasion from wrestling around with Whisky. Is this something I could use Neosporin on??? Or do I need something from the vet??

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I've always heard neosporin is toxic to cats. Try using triple antibiotic ointment or aloe vera gel.

Does it look like a worn area or is it red and irritated? Lucy has worn areas on the back of her hindlegs. I took her to the vet and they said it was from the heat(it's almost 100degrees during the day). Keep an eye on the abrasion & take him to the vet if it is not healing.

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It's worn from him licking it and it's red and irritated. What is the name of the triple antibiotic ointment?? Should I wrap the leg after I apply to keep it from rubbing off???

Thank you,
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I use Mycitracin for a triple antibiotic, but I have seen others, even store brands (Wal Mart) that just says "Triple Antibiotic". It should be in the same section as you would find Neosporin.
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Sorry, safron, but triple antibiotic ointment IS neosporin! It is the brand name for bacitracin-neomycin-polymyxin - read your label. And it is perfectly safe for, and often prescribed for, cats. The only danger is from anaphylactic shock due to allergy, which can occur anytime a drug derived from molds is used, even in people.

However, judging from your description of the wound, it sounds like it may be a burst abcess, and as such will need something less dilute than an over-the-counter topical antibiotic. He really should be taken to the vet, since these things, even after they burst, can get nasty really quickly.
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Cooie- I wonder why I thought that. Is neosporin safe for dogs? Maybe that is what I was thinking.

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I am going to move this over to the health forum for ya. Here is a very comprehensive website about what medications for humans are and are not good for cats.

Poison link
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Safron-It's safe for dogs too.
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that used as a topical ointment on an animal, it is safe, however if the animal ingests the neosporin it could cause problems, though the animal would have to ingest a bit of it for it to do so.
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Ok, if that is the concern then if you do decide to apply the ointment keep him busy for a few minutes so it has a chance to absorb. Put it on right before feeding him or play a game with him but even if he was to ingest a bit of it, it shouldn't hurt him.
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Thank you, hissy, that makes sense.

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Hissy-Thanks for the link. I bookmarked it.

After I apply the ointment, couldn't I just wrap his leg with an ace bandage??

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