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Heloo everyone!

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I have just registered for the board and am delighted to see all the useful information being bandied about! I am the proud Mommy of four amazing felines, Mark my slinky blotched tabby, Malina my black Queen (spayed, of course, but still a Queen), Harley my fancy tuxedo boy and our little kitty "Ragin'" Cajun (because he has quite the temper for a little dude!), also a blotched tabby.

I am rather new at cat ownership having had dogs all my life. It was never quite the right fit, but me and the kids were made for each other. I have to force myself not to check out the website of the local animal shelter, and try to buy my cat food at the Farm & Home store instead of the pet store because it seems I can't resist a kitty face. As soon as I say "No more!" another little fuzzy baby steals my heart. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem on this board?

Anyway, I look forward to many happy conversations about cats and learning tons of useful things!
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Welcome to the site! There are so many people here with so much knowledge. I think you could ask anything about cats on this site and someone would know something about it!

I think everyone here has that particular problem! Heck we fall in love with each other's kitties when we post pics.

Your babies sound gorgeous! I look forward to hearing more about them, and seeing pics if possible. That way we can all fall in love with your kitties, too!
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Hi, Werefluff! What a household! Welcome to the site. We talk about everything here, and brag about our kitties with no worries about boring anyone. It's great.
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Welcome to the site!! Make yourself at home!! Your kitties sound lovely, can't wait to see pics!!
This is a great site and we are all major cat lovers - so don't worry about your "obession" - you're in good company!! :LOL: We all know just how you feel!!
Anyway... this place is addictive, so hope to see you posting often!! Enjoy!!
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