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Don't know what to do!

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Hi, We have a 13 1/2 yr old female M. Coon who's so good it's not real - and she's having a terrible time now. Our good sized 11 1/2 yr old R. Blue, a neurotic to begin with, has recently decided Pandora's fair game, and just terrorizes her, chasing til he backs her into a corner and threatening til I rescue her. She has her 'bed', in a corner, on top of a box on a waist-high extra-deep shelf - the latest in her attempts to stay clear of the others (the third is a 1 1/2 yr old male, good, but starting to learn some bad habits from Plato, who's also using his litter box less and less often lately, though is perfectly healthy otherwise - doesn't go more often than normally, but has just decided the floor (various locations!) is more fun... possibly making some statement, though doesn't wait til we're watching or anything. He's just a high anxiety cat (and the breed is known to be that way), but now is obnoxious. He started acting more babyish when the new one (Goblin) came in last year (at 7 wks... there was no choice on that) but in fact they became instant best friends and still are. I hate the idea of putting Plato on Prozac or something, and to get Feliway in Canada costs a fortune - a big chance to take as I'm not sure it would really be appropriate anyhow now. It's not like a new-cat intro. scenario, but he just seems to have such a mean streak now (tho' is loving to me). Any ideas please? Thank you. PS it would also be unfair to Pandy to keep her locked up all day (plus it's our bedroom her bed's in), and I think Plato would just go crazier if we tried to keep him separate from Goblin (and me), never mind seriously messing up an otherwise good feeding schedule of long standing. Thanks.
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Was it something I said?
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Hmm. You are limiting your options for correcting behavior. I would try puttign a little vanilla under their noses as this has a calming effect. But other than that...I honestly think your Maine Coon needs to go in the bedroom where its safe and comfety to her and stay there until this behavior between the 2 is broken.
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Thank you for answering, I'll think about it.
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Given the behavior change and the potty problem, I would bet money that your aggressive cat is sick and that the change in behavior is a result of this. Please take him to the vet and describe everything -- the aggression and the potty problems and anything else going on. My bet is that the vet will test for a urinary tract infection and will find that this is the cause of the problem.

Good luck!
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Peeing on the floor concerns me, I would take him to a vet. UTI's are very serious if that is what he has.
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Hrrrrm, could it be that Pandora isn't feeling well and the boy is picking up on this? When cats sense a weakness in their "colony", the hierarchy changes and one or more may gang up on the weak one, challenging for position.

And if the aggressive one is the one sometimes peeing outside the box, unless you have ruled out a bacterial infection medically, then it isn't a good idea to presume it isn't a health issue. Stress can cause UTI's in cats and males are more prone to UTI's and other UT issues.

If it were me, my first course of action would be a vet visit for everyone to rule out medical problems first.
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Point taken... it's just so much easier to give advice than take it! Thank you all.
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