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A New Witch Hunt Against Cats??

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The big headlines today is that cats can catch & die of bird flu and now I've overheard people in the store discussing that it's another good reason to catch & destroy feral cats; get rid of the neighbors' cats, etc.... SUCH HYSTERIA! I am so worried about what can happen to cats as a result of this kind of publicity.. Here's just one article, that actually does a balanced job, but I think that non-cat people will just notice the words that they can use to excuse the rage against cats
BTW, I agree with the last paragraph - if people are really THAT worried about bird flu, shouldn't they be considering getting rid of chickens & other birds (not that I agree with that either - I think that cars kill more people per day than bird flu, hanta virus, West Nile virus, Equine Encephalitis, Lyme disease!) But why is it that too often it's CATS that get the blame?
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I thought you might be interested in this thread where we have discussed cats and the avian flu

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I had west nile virus, actually, and I'd rather have that again than the regular old flu. I just felt weird and kinda sweaty, and had a headache. But I didn't lay in bed or anything all day, it was more comparable to a hangover.

My point is, while we shouldn't ignore the threat of infectious diseases, there's no reason to panic. If it passes from human to human, then they'll develop the vaccine as fast as they can and we'll just have to hope that we don't die from it. Until then, aside from reasonable precautions, its just media-induced anxiety disorder. They should test birds, nobody should eat raw chicken, quarantine people who have it, etc.

Another reason to keep your cats inside. People are ridiculous. For one thing, what do cats have to do with increasing our chances of getting it? We'd basically have to eat the cat raw (insert gasp and vomit noise) for it to spread. I'm so sick of this ratings crap. It's like, who can scare the public the most and get everyone to watch the show so they can hear what the experts have to say? (FoxNews probably wins). There's all kinds of more important things that are happening that we could talk about, say a WAR?!?

As for killing the neighbor's cat because of h5n1, that's insane. It sounds like the people want an excuse to hate cats. I agree with you. I think it's hilarious when I have to see my father and he tries to ignore the cats, so they think he's being friendly and climb all over him.
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We have avian flu in Germany, and just had the first case of domesticated fowl having to be destroyed in Saxony. http://edition.cnn.com/2006/HEALTH/c...eut/index.html Unfortunately, some shelters are reporting a fair number of cats being surrendered, and others say that the adoption rate is way down. Just what we needed, with kitten season starting!!! http://edition.cnn.com/2006/HEALTH/c....ap/index.html
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"They" also blamed cats for the spread of AIDS before they knew better.

On an aside...I think network news gets that award for the most scare-mongering to get people watching. They are the ones who are losing ratings all the time for the traditional "Evening News" segment.
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Yes i read that story too and thought the same thing.
"Here goes another reason for the idiot cat haters to get on their box."
Good greif all the wisconsin study needs is another reason to kill ferals.

This whole avian flu thing is being BLOWN way outta proportion by the media trying to make news.
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There's been nothing on the news, papers etc about folk here in England getting rid of their cats. I think we Brits take the attitude, if it happens, it happens. What's to be will be! No good worrying over things that might be, worry about things that will be!!!! I expect though a few impressionable folk will be getting rid of their cats - or may be the cats will be getting rid of 'their humans!!!!!
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