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Any ideas about names?

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I bring home my new baby tomorrow. His name is Sydney at the shelter but I would like to change it.

I'm thinking something regal and beautiful to match him, or something biblical.

Any ideas???

Here he is:

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I've always found it hard to name them without meeting them first and getting a hint of their personality. Here's a great site though that has a bunch of names. Pet name finder
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I just KNEW someone would have a site like this! I agree, the name MUST fit the little guy..

He is very mellow and quiet and walks like a small lion, hence the "regal". Thanks for the site!
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Maybe you could find an angel's name - nothing more regal than that, and biblical, too. He is so beautiful!

Here's a website with tons of angel's names A-Z, so you could find an angel that matches his personality or just go with one that sounds good!

Angel Names A-Z
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He looks just like my Sunshine!!!! Wow, they could be twins!

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Funny you should mention "angels", valanhb.

My son's name is Michael. This is what the site says about his name:

Michael Chief angel, deliverer of the faithful, tutelary prince of Israel. An angel who grants miracles, fosters mercy, repentance, truth, sanctification, blessing, immortality, patience and love to human-kind. This archangel is protective of those who are just and good. Angel of insomnia. He strengthens our spirits in difficult times. Pray to Michael for these gifts and virtues.

And that is so TOTALLY him! Wow!

Now to check out an angel name for my new baby!
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Actually, I saw your son's name in your signature and that's what made me think of angels.

Daniella, that is so funny you said that! In Robin's New Cat's thread we have been talking about the striking resemblance between her new boy, her kitty Aaliyah, and my Trent. Now there are 4!
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If you want something, both regal and Biblical, how about "Solomon"?
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I don't know about a name, but I just couldn't believe how much he looks like my scrappy. Right down to the blue collar and everything.
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Ok I can't help it... Sydney looks like a long haired Xavier. Even how he's looking up it just looks like an Xavier pose.

When me and Brian adopted Xavier his name was Dunkin McKat..... Cute name but we wanted a name for him that sounded strong, intelligent and demanded respect and Xavier fit that. And all of those adjectives fit Xavier himself perfectly.
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Still not decided on a name. He is such a mellow NICE cat, I need to give him a name that really fits.

The biggest problem is my son, who has some of the most AWFUL suggestions, unlike the thought out, deep ideas on this board I get from him "Clifford", "Arthur" and "Buzz Lightyear!"
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How about Ary it mean Lion of God.
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Wow! So many awesome responses!

My poor little kitty is still too sick to come home. He's still sneezing but they told me he is eating and taking, or allowing them to give him, his meds. I guess these things take time.

I have two others that I don't want to be sneezing at home now so I'll guess I'll just have to wait... boo hoo....

Thanks for all the responses, everyone! Right now I'm considering calling him "Miracle!"
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Now I think he wants more syllables than that.

Nehemiah or Jeremiah. Maybe Melchizidek. Or Moses.

My cat who looks like that is "Theodosius Blackmon" though we call him Blackie.
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How about Ramses or Reggie?
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I have always liked the name Humphrey for a male cat.
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Instead of biblical, how about mythical. Griffin is good - it is a lion shaped creature with wings and cloven hooves.
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Hes gorgeous!! Hmm, how about Malachi? or Obadiah? You could call him "Obie" for short! I like the names from alot of Shakespeare books too, like, Lysander, and Demitries, or Othello etc etc etc.... I'll keep thinking..
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