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What a pain in the you know what!

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Oh the joys of working for the government. When I left my old position at a different location (same department) they took my old photo ID security card saying that I would get a new one at my new location. Well I get to the new location on Feb 13th and they tell me that they don't have the capacity to take the pictures here, but are making arrangements for everyone to get new pics. Finally get the new pics done end of March and get an e-mail today saying we can pick them up. Well I go to pick it up and they won't let me because I don't have an old card to turn in. You don't get an new one without submitting an old one. Now I have to fill out a security report that will have to be investigated before I get a new card! What a flipping waste of everyone's time. I have filled out the report and attached all of the e-mails I kept about me requesting a photo ID when I got here. Maybe I'll be lucky and get it before I'm off on maternity, but I'm not going to count on it!
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This has just been a rough few weeks for you hasn't it! I hope it is all straigtened out soon!!
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WOW everyone says that goverment is hard to work for . I beleive it now.
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ah the finely oiled machine of the government! guess it doesn't matter what country you're from
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I hear your pain. When I started my state job I lived out of state, and was given a location about an hour away. Another girl who lived out of state got the job that was 1/2 hour away from me, but probably 45 minutes to an hour from her. My location would have been about 35 minutes away for her. The reason I found out was b/c that girl ended up leaving (got her old job back in Mass) and I was given her location, and the regional manager said, oh I think I got your two cities confused and should have given you that location to begin with!

Then last week we got a new temp. My boss comes in and says, okay she is going to sit in this cube, I'll get everything. Well one day the computer comes, and there is no desk to put it on! Duh... My boss was convinced that there was desk there, when there wasn't!
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