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So... I'm starting a freelance company.

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...I'm excited and a little scared about this, as I hate that there's not really a safety net involved in freelance work.. but at the same time, I'm somewhat excited!!

LOL. In the meanwhile I've got a lot of work to do to get the business off the ground, but I will be online a whole lot more!!

EEP It's sorta hard, quitting a perfectly good job to go and wing it on your own... What am I thinking?!!
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What exciting news - what will you be freelancing in?
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Graphic Design, Lol !! see I'm brainless now!!
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That is wonderful. I couldn't do graphic design if my life depended on it and I always envy people who have that talent!
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Congratulations!!!!! May the rewards far exceed all the hard work I know you will put into this!
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Denise, that's fantastic news - I'm really excited for you!

It will be a lot of hard work, but you will enjoy every step of the way (even if you need to have the odd moan! )

I really think you are doing a great thing, as you're getting yourself out there and following your dream!
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Thanks all, I'm really quite excited. It's getting me distracted from my current job (I'm sticking around until the new management's up and running .. 2-3 weeks.. and then.. well .. I hope to make ends.)
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Well as I am in the same situation-GOOD LUCK!!! There are alot of good organizations that can help you along. SCORE for instance. I have an entrepenuer class tomorrow I'll let you know what I've learned!!
So far the hardest is "interested" clients that never call back!! Also there is a group called BNI (Business Networking International). Its for small business owners to network with each other however their sign up fee was much more than I wanted to spend-that money could go towards advertising!!
Anyhow I have a bunch of small business book plus pick up the magazines: Fast Company, Inc., Entrepenuer and for women "Pink". You will get some good tips!!! Good luck....maybe when I have more $$$ and work i more steady as I have an idea for a logo that you could help me with!!
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My husband and I were both freelancing for the past two years, til recently. I did enjoy being able to make my own schedule but it was hard on our relationship to not be able to make plans with each other, since we were on totally different schedules. Now, he's working a 9 to 5, essentially, and I'm working part-time- but we both stayed in our fields which is great. My job is awesome because I have 15 hours to do each week but can do them whenever I want so its easy to schedule time with the hubby and with friends--plus time to do my homework since i'm in the last semester of my masters.

But enough about me, I wish you the best of luck and enjoy being your own boss, I sure did!
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I think that's fantastic! Good luck!! It's great to be your own boss, even if it is scary too.
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I would suggest, joining the SitePoint Forums. They have lots of people wanting logo's and graphic work to be done for them. I'm a member. I love that place. Lot's of chances to learn a lot from real pro's, and even to go against them, in making money making logo's, or building websites. It's a great place if you're a graphic designer or even have an interest in graphic design.
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Wow, you're so brave!
All the luck in the world to you, this is great!!! - following your dream, and doing something you love.. Now there's a good job. I'm sure you'll do great!
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Good luck on your new venture! I am very happy for you! Susan
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That's a really exciting accomplishment! It's hard at first but keep your spirits up!
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I think it's wonderful, and I wish you all the best. Be sure to post once you have a business website up/are ready to begin. I can refer folks from the two business lists I am on
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Awww Wow!! Thanks Guys for all your help and encouragement. I sure took down a few of those pointers (Hope, I'll be looking up that website soon). It'll be exciting to be able to do my schedule the way I see fit, instead of the way a Boss sees... And I won't have to always be answering the phone and taking care of other people's problems.

Pat, Thanks so much for the offer to refer me around! Once my site is up I'll certainly let you know!! I'm surprised at how quickly things are happening.. I like it but I'm afraid something's going to fall throught he cracks!! Put I plan to start having a project board so that I don't let the client side catch wind of the fact that I'm driving myself insane.
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Good for you! I have a friend that did that a couple years ago, and she is doing very well. Better that she would have ever thought she would do, especially in such a short time. She has made enough money to pay the bills, buy a new Harley, and a boob job. She is doing what she loves, and having the time of her life. I wish the same for you. Next time I see her, I will try and get some pointers to pass along.
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