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Very Cool - Eagle Nest Live Streaming Video

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I just saw this on my local news. A company from L.A. has placed a camera in an eagle's nest in British Columbia and you can watch and listen live. The eagles have already mated and the chicks should hatch on April 25th or 26th.

Here is the original site, but for some reason I can't get the video to work for me from here:

I'm able to view it at this link:

They are having over 2 million hits a day so the site might be slow at times. They also have a message board and someone on there said their cats are so intrigued by the eagles and the sounds. Stay away cats, this bird can come by and eat you! So don't get that brave since you're behind a computer monitor.

I can't wait until the eggs hatch. Enjoy!
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That is so cool! I put it on my favorites list. Thanks for the link!
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That is really cool. I love live webcams. I used to like watching the one at Old Faithful.
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Thanks for the link, that's really good, I like that sort of thing. The BBC did one last year of a Peregrine Falcons nest on an office block in London. You got to see the three eggs hatch and watch the babies until they flew away.
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Very cool!!, thanks for posting the link!!
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That is wonderful - thank you so much for posting the link. What a majestic bird that is!
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Thank you for that. They are awesome. It will be more than interesting to keep an eye on the proceedings in that nest.
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Does anyone know if there is a webcam of a tiger? I just love tigers.
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Have you guys visited the baby eagles lately? They are growing so fast. I wonder when they'll fly away.?
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Oh how cool! I missed this thread before! They are just chirpin away there!
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I don't see them now!
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Wierd. I was watching them eat something. But VERY cool!
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Oh cool! One was just trying to fly! It was only a little airborne and flapping away!
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Yeah, I'm waiting for the nest to be empty!
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