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New haircut pout

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Don't you hate it when you get a new haircut, and even though it isn't a drastic change you feel like a whole new person. Then you get back to work, (because you got the haircut on your lunchbreak) show it off, and someone says "it looks the same as it did before".

No it doesn't, it looks much different
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It's my husband who does that to me. Last haircut... I had a really cute cut and amazing style, went straight to lunch with my husband and he said "did you already get your hair done, or are you doing that after lunch?

I just got my hair done again Monday - didn't get much done too drastic with the cut, but the style was great! He said "looks just the same"

I just hate how I can't come near duplicating the style my hairdresser does.
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Haha! I've never had that before, because I usually DO get something a bit drastic compared to what it was previously (I rarely ever just 'get a trim'), but my dad... He's aweful. Unless he KNOWS I went to get a hair cut or I say "How's it look" he won't notice. It's the same with mom...she dyed her hair lighter several months ago and he NEVER noticed...ever...it's like, hellooo

Unfortunatly I'm kind of the same as my dad...almost. With mom I usually noticed, but with dad it takes me a couple days before it finally clicks.
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My last hair cut I got 5 inches chopped off.... My Fiancé cried....I felt so bad!! But my dad noticed 2 weeks later... and he sees me everyday!
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My dads going bald and I still notice when hes had a haircut.

I'm scared to go back though... I need to figure out what color I want my hair for my wedding. I usually have highlights in my hair or have a little red in my hair. I was thinking of getting my hair back to something natural but my fiance likes the blonde in my hair. I love the red but I'm afraid I don't want somethign to different for the wedding, just kind of want to be me.

Oh and I've had some bad coloring experiences with both the reds and the highlighting, hence the scared part. It either goes really well or really bad.

I think my hair is the longest its ever been too. Again I'm growing it out for the wedding, don't usually keep it long. My fiance is happy, but its a lot of work!
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Try dying your hair a different color!

I'm slowly going back to my natural color (Ash Brown) after being red for so many years-I'm sick of the "gray" looking roots.

anyhoo, just dyed last week to a ashy color. It's definitely toned down, but there is still some red in it...almost like ash w/ red highlights. No one has noticed or said anything.
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I have ash brown hair naturally too. I like doing red highlights as well. I had went strawberry blonde one time and loved it (have a pale complection so it worked) but my hairdresser dissapeared and after the last red disaster I've been heistant to do red again. Though I love the look of the highlights..

I was thinking of a warme brown color. Something more natural to me. I get washed out so easy though, this is to hard of a decision!!!
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I have been thinking about getting highlights sometime soon. My hair is light brown now and I would like to add subtle blonde highlights.
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Been there done that - then hubby complains because it isn't drastic and i spent all that money!
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Yah don't get subtle highlights...no one will notice. If I don't tell them to use bleach then it won't be seen (light brown hair - ash).
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Originally Posted by SolarityBengals
Yah don't get subtle highlights...no one will notice. If I don't tell them to use bleach then it won't be seen (light brown hair - ash).
Hmmm.. good point. I guess I am afraid of do anything drastic
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