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Egads! There is no way...

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I had just joined this site when hubby and I had to relocate to Pennsylvania. So, being offline for about 3 weeks...I see all these new posts and there is no possible way to catch up on all that is going on here. Ah well. But it is nice to be back and able to post again! Sure did miss this site and I see that the "Let's Make a Story" thread has pretty much ended, and rather happily, too.

Now maybe I can keep up with my daily dose of kitty news.

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Sometimes even being off this site for 24 hours can be overwhelming when you go to read everything!

It's good to have you back! Hope the move went well, and the kitties are adjusting OK...
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Glad your back!! Now the fun part is going to be catching up.
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Thanks. I am glad to be back. Actually, the kitties are doing great. I am so proud of them. We put two in a cage, our former feral and his daughter, and the rest are pretty laid back, so they were loose in the cordoned-off back of our pt cruiser. They all settled in just great and slept the entire 11 hour drive! Well, Cerise the Abyssinian preferred to perch on the cage and look out the windows. *L* We did restrict food the day before and day we traveled. They were permitted a small breakfast each day. That worked out very well. No arfing or other accidents. No one has shown signs of depression or unhappiness and are doing fine in our new place.
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I hope you and kitties settle in comfortably. Welcome to Penn's Woods!
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Ditto, I've been gone for four days and I had a lot to read!
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Glad you're back!! It IS a bit overwhelming sometimes...I was offline for 2 days and had 100 e-mails from here...as a mod, I receive e-mail notifications for all new threads and posts in the lounge...I try to keep up with them all, but sometimes I just can't, and I always worry that I will miss something important, or someone will think I didn't care because I didn't post to their thread. I know that's silly of me, but I hate to not read a thread or new post, but sometimes I just can't!!!
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