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Increased/excessive licking..

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A few days ago Lucky developed diarrhea, which after a few days cleared up and normal poops were found in the box. Starting yesterday (or at least that's when i really started to notice it), Lucky seems to always liking her bum area...almost to the point I would call it excessive. Last night and this morning she would stop every minute or two and lick down there. I checked and it doesn't look sore or swollen and there is nothing there visible for her to be grooming.

Any one had their cat behave like this? Could it be related to her prior stomach problems or should I be taking her into the vet to check this out. At the same time as this is going on Rambo has now developed diarrhea.
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Do have the vet check as my Zoey had excessive hair licking and it was simply a wheat allergy
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I'm taking Lucky into the vet at 3pm. It seems she hasn't really gone the bathroom in the last 24 hours. She is only licking around her bum so I'm wondering if she's trying to relieve this problem. I did some research and the licking could be a symptom of a bladder infection too. I wish cats weren't so good at hiding their illnesses. Fingers crossed!
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Update: back from the vet and awaiting the results of a fecal sample test (hopefully by friday). The vet gave me a probiotic paste to give them twice a day until then. She's thinking they could have picked up something like coccidia. But from what i read, a healthy adult cat can usually fight coccidia off without showing symptoms?!
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poor baby.. keep us updated
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Update: the vet gave me a probiotic paste to give them to help settle their tummies until we figure out what they've picked up. The seem a bit perkier though no change in their bathroom visits. I hope the paste helps.

Anyone have their kitties on probiotics? or used them? It seems like probiotics would be beneficial to have on hand for them on a more regular basis.
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Have the Vet check the Anal Glands - excessive lickng of the rear can also be because discomfort due to problems with the Anal Glands
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Thanks for the advice. The vet did a full rectal exam and checked the anal glands. One was a little full and she expressed it, at which point poor Lucky had a bit of an accident on the table (easy fecal sample). The vet didn't think that the gland was the cause of the licking but that the 5+ times Lucky had diarrhea every day had inflammed her bum and when she moved around it would hurt her.

Should find out tomorrow what is swimming around in her gut causing her all these problems (and Rambo's too i assume).
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Well...the fecal test is negative for parasites. So now I'm waiting for the vet to call me back (she was in with another patient) to figure out what to do about the ongoing diarrhea.

If it's not parasites, and their food is the same and everything else (i think) is the same....what am i missing? what could be causing this?
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food issues can come on at any time
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Yes unfortunatley food allergies can develop at any time !!!! Why not give
Natural Balance Venicen and Green Pea - my Loki who has food allergies - loves it and does wonderfully on it!!!
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That might be a good idea. They are on Natural Balance low-cal dry and I've had them on California natural venison wet or Eagle Pack Duck and oatmeal. I'll have to ask the vet that. But would food allergies come on in both of them at the same time (they both have diarrhea)?
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Good question - but the reason must have been something they were both exposed to - could they have gotten into something????

The switch however can't hurt - the rest you are doing already by having the Vet look into it???

Plenty of huggs to your babies!
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could there wet food be to rich for them?? how long on wet
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They've been on wet for most of their lives...but they switched over to those ones in January. Any suggestions on which good quality wet would be the least rich for them?

I'm wondering about them both getting into something. They were outside on their leads a couple times but since the vet ruled out parasites i couldn't figure out what else they picked up. I'm still waiting to hear from the vet...for now they are just getting a probiotic paste to reset the bacteria in their gut
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stick to ones with one or two meats ( chn , beef and turkey are the least rich) and one grain... look at the protein and fat ... 9 protein and 5 fat works for many ..
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Originally Posted by sharky
stick to ones with one or two meats ( chn , beef and turkey are the least rich) and one grain... look at the protein and fat ... 9 protein and 5 fat works for many ..

Thanks sharky....i've copied this down for a trip to the pet store tonight. I really appreciate all your advice.
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