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It's been a while....

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Ok guys well here's the lowdown. I've had a change of address. Rune and I broke up a few days ago. It's been heading that way for a little while, and we finally acknowledged it, so there are no hard feelings (well, now that I spoke to him about him throwing me out) so nwo I'm living with a very dear friend of mine, Jesper (yes the big tall redhead from the TV when we went to do Showtime) so at least I've got somewhere to go and people to see. I just wanted to pop in and see how you guys were, and set some minds at ease who knew what had happened. THanks so much for being there
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Ooo! So sorry to hear about the break up. If it makes you happier though, that's what counts.

TCS is always here for ya!
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I am sorry about you and Rune. Its never easy even when you knows its been headed that way for a while! I had been wondering about you! I am glad you have someone to stay with until you get on your feet!! Let us know how things are going every chance you get!
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Emma! I am so sorry! I really had no idea, I thought you were ok. As long as you are happy then it's ok by us.
I really did wonder where you were though, this place has been quiet without you! Is Tosca still with Rune?
Thinking of you
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Emma im still thinking about you!
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OMG, my eyes about bugged out of my head when I read that! I'm so sorry to hear about you and Rune, I hope everything works out for you. I'm glad you don't have too hard of feelings about it, but I know it's still hard... We're here for you!
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Wow, welcome back! I'm sorry about the breakup with Rune...but it sounds like you knew it had to happen! Best of luck as you heal from that relationship!
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Emma, you are in my thoughts. I know it's tough but you will get through this.
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I'm sorry to hear that Emma. Rune sounded like a really nice guy for you.
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Sorry to hear about the break-up, but you should feel good about having the courage to do the right thing. Time heals all wounds, and so does ice cream! Snuggle with Tosca and it will all be well before you know it.
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Emma, you know I'm thinking of you!

I'm glad that Jesper is there to look after you! Make sure he keeps you chuckling!
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