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Flea Control for my Catery

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My cats are collecting a few fleas while playing in their outdoor catery. I was told that 7 Dust or Boric Acid was a safe way to treat for fleas outside without harming my cats. Or, maybe I should just let my exterminator spray.

I am just worried that they will get sick because my cats graze.

What to Do!?

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It might just be easier as well as safer to use Advantage flea control on them. You get it from your vet in small vials and its just a matter of applying it once a month to the back of kitty's neck. I use it on my crew and never have flea trouble

Good luck :rainbow:

Btw- thats a beautiful enclosure you've built for them I'm trying to enlist hubby to make a weekend project out of building one for me
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.....my Vet swears by "The Program" ... might want to inquire about this too.
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Melissa, the blue prints for my cat enclosure were purchased at http://www.just4cats.com

The blueprints show tons of different ways to build the cage.... mostly different shapes and sizes. Not to mention, they give you a fantasic supply list so that you can stay on budget.

My cage ended up costing $430.00 for 500 sq. ft. Not too bad, considering estimates for enlarging my screenroom were out of my budget and well over $5,000+ - Owie!

I use advantage on the cats. What my vet said about that is that Advantage will kill the eggs, but not the adults. The Adults still ride in on my cats. They said I need to treat the exterior area, too. I am just concerned about what chemicals to use.
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Wow, I like the set up. Maybe I can get Brian to build one for our furries.

Anyway I'm not too familar with outside flea treatments but I love Frontline as a treatment for the cats. It works wonders although it can be pricey it's well worth it.
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Either Advantage, Frontline or Revolution will take care of your flea problem. The Revolution has the added benefit for killing mites, hookworms and other things. Ask your vet if he/she carries it.
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As we have a dog that loves to spend the summers outside, and I have this "thing" about fleas here's what we do:

Around the time when it starts getting warmer, I put down a layer of Diazinon. Follow the directions well, and water it in. Make sure that the lawn is dry before you let your animals out. Now I will tell you that We don't let our kitties outside, but in all the summers I've been using it the dog has been fine.
You can pick it up at Walmart and Target, places like that in the garden section, use a broadcast speader to lay it down.

We also use revolution on everyone, with an added preventick collar for the dog. I think that revolution is the best thing since sliced bread...

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DO NOT use Diazinon around Persians, this includes indoor and outdoor products.. It seems they lack the enzyme to break it down.

Also remember that many flea and tick collars contain diazinon as well..

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Ken, you got that right. The folks who have invented the new topical products are gods as far as I'm concerned. I just wish they'd been around a few years ago when I had my two little dogs who were so severely allergic to fleas. I had to dip them every week and still they suffered. Because as I'm sure you know, it only takes one bite to make them crazy for days.

What I don't understand is how do the other products out there keep selling. As far as I'm concerned there are four flea products, Revolution. Frontline, Advantage and Program. The others can all go in the garbage!!
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Wow, that cat enclosure is great, Orion would love something like that.

How do you cut the grass in there, though?
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The Weed Eater. Our lawn man comes once a week but we asked him to do the catery every other week.....that way my boys can play "Jungle Cat" and stare at each other through a blade of grass. It's realy cute... It only takes aout 10 minutes to knock the grass down with a weed eater.....

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