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About me...

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Well, I guess I could have introduced myself earlier, but my mind is a little off right now. My name is Kim. Gimpy is my cat's name. We call him GimpyCat now and again. Here's a little background on me. I was born and raised in North Georgia. I am 20 years old. I met my husband in November of 1997. In April of 99, he decided to join the AirForce. He was gone until October of 99 (basic training and tech. school) We became engaged before he left, and had many, many dates planned to get married. They all fell through. At the beginning of October, after he got out of his last tech. school in Charleston, SC, he got to come home for about a weeek. We were married October 10 and left
3 days later for Oklahoma! We arrived here on October 16.
We live on base. He is a crew chief or aircraft mechanic.
We both love being here, even though we are very far from home. In November of 99, we went to the pound to get a dog.
I just curiously went into the cat part. As soon as I stepped in, a little orange and white paw softly grabbed my arm. I knew then that we wouldnt be going home with a dog!
Anyway, to make a long story short, we went home with the kitty, he has a slight limp, and my husband just starting calling him a gimp..and the name stuck. Kinda bad huh?!
To make this story complete, in February of this year, we found out that we are going to have a baby! I am 3 months along now. The baby is due October 4. Shoo..if you have any questions lol feel free to ask. I am a very open person and am usually easy to get along with. Thats all!
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Dear Kim,
Welcome to "The Cat Site"! You'll love it here and you'll make lot's of friends just like I have. You'll also learn many things; lots more than you'd ever dream of about taking great care of your cat; all the way to what makes him tick....well, we're really not that smart as to know how he thinks yet; of course. Yet, I'm sure you've experienced first hand Gimpy's trained you pretty good. I don't know a true cat lover that hasn't been.
Also, Congrats, BABYTIME! Hubby seems like a great guy and may God Bless you both with the wind always at your back and His blessed guiding light to direct you both for your continued happiness together.
God Bless You Kim, Your Husband, Your Baby & Gimpy,

PS...please keep us posted how you're coming along with your pregnancy and of course how Gimpy and hubby's doing too.
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Congrats on your baby to be! Gimpy sounds like a fine kitty with loving owners. No cat could ask for more than that! Welcome to a really nice place on the net!
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Kim, WELCOME to the site!!!! I hope you enjoy it here!!
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Welcome Kim!! Yes, cats usually take us in and thats how we all got where we are now. There are a few of is military folks here too. We all understand the feeling of being away from home. The only thing I can pass on to you that I feel is worth it...pregnancy does goofy things to your hormones. Especially at the end. When I was 7 months pregnant the cat jumped into the crib...I freaked and I gave her to someone else. I cry sometimes at night because I miss her so!! I hope you stay and enjoy the company here!!
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Wecome Kim and Gimpy. You'll love it here. Everyone is just wonderful, so I've come to learn. So, your a new cat owner huh? hehehe. Has Gimpy got you trained yet? LOL.
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Welcome,Kim, this is a great site! Just one cat,huh? That's how it starts! Right now, I have eleven. My daughter, who is expecting her first baby the end of May has five. Ernest Hemingway said,"One cat just leads to another".
Good luck with the pregnancy and don't let the hormones get you down.
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Welcome to the cat site Kim - you will find that we all care for each other and each other's cats. Visit my web site please (www.listnow.com/helpingpaws)
I once had one child and one cat - now I have two children, twenty-two cats and two dogs. See what life can bring?
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Welcome Kim!

Congrats on the baby!!! How are you feeling?

Glad you joined us!
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Thank you all for the warm welcome. I have grown up with cats my whole life. When I was a baby, my parents had about 17. They still have some pics of them. All rescues.
They fed them in a trough outside. It was a sight! Then when we moved to a house (we were in a small trailer) I had this huge cat named Dusty. My brother was born in 84, and the cat would curl up with him. Then one evening in 86, we were out picking blackberries, and we came upon a cat with 3 medium sized kittens. We took them home. The momma cat stayed and one of the babies stayed. We named her Alice. She had to be put to sleep about 2 weeks ago. We (my parents) had had her 15 years. She was a wonderful momma cat. She usually had about 2 litters a year (they were all placed in a home too) only consisting of about 2 or 3 babies. The thing that made her even more special is that if we found a stray and brought it home, she would take it in as her own. She would nurse it, clean it, and love it.
The last litter she had was on my birthday last year and she only had 1. My brother has it and he named it Shadow cause he says it follows him everywhere. And its solid black, so that makes since lol. The reason that we dont have more cats is 1, my husband doesnt like alot of animals. He was an only child that grew up in apartments his whole life and never had animals. So he isnt used to them. 2, since we live on base we are only allowed to have 3 pets. We have a cockatiel also. I am planning on getting another cat in a few months, I thought maybe that would help Gimpy get over the baby coming. What do yall think? Is that a good idea? Well, I hadnt planned on writing this much, but I got rolling! Oh yea, and about how I am feeling, I feel wonderful. I have yet to have morning sickness. I sleep alot though. But thats ok :O)
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Welcome to the site, Kim! My husband is military, too, so we know how that goes! I look forward to hearing all about you!
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Welcome, Kim! It's very nice to meet you. I love your description of that little paw softly touching you. Love at first sight can be a wonderful thing!

Best wishes to all in your family, including whomever is on the way. I was a staff sergeant in the U.S. Air Force myself, but that was ages ago! So, do you think your husband will be a career man?

In any event, I hope you'll be able to take Gimpy with you wherever you all go!

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Yes, my husband and I love being in the military. He loves what he does and he plans on making a career out of it. Right now, he is a crew chief for the cargo plane, C17 Globemaster. For the past 6 years, they have been getting rid of his job and giving it to civilians. It is cheaper, they say. So, in about a year or so, he will be out of a job and have to cross train into something else. But that doesnt bother him. We come from a town where the only places to work are carpet plants. Both of our parents have worked there their whole lives. We wanted something better.
He has put in to get sent to Germany, and we most likely will get it. So, that is it right now. We are just waiting til they get ready. Luckily, we are in a great place and have made alot of friends. Thats all for now!
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