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Feeling for Babies

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I think i felt little tiny rocks maybe 3 of them in Skittles tonight. She actually let me touch her belly I was stuned. She is a little hard not to bad. Do they feel like little rocks. Also I did it because I keep noticing she is groming her belly alot. Do you think it is just me or possable babies.
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So hard to tell. I tried to figure it out with Shenzi, but she was at the very end of the pregnancy and she was carrying 8. So I have no experience with that.

Why not have the vet check her? they are usually pretty good at confirming pregnancy...but not so good at guessing the # of kittens, LOL, from what I have heard.
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The vet is in like 2 days a week. My kids have been really sick that is why I have so much time to post and the weather LOL I can not say enough. I am a california girl. I have never lived in snow let alone 90 MPH winds. RIght now the wind is at 75 and we are expecting a foot of snow. Right now I do not drive unless I have too. It is expected to get better in a few days. So she has to wait til next Tuesday.
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Wow...where are you that a foot of snow is on the way? Sheesh, it's April! (although, we have had snow flurries in april- rare and it melts right away)
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Yep she is going to have at least 6 babies
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I dont have a clue how many babies to expect from Sponge. I am guessing maybe only 2-3 b/c she is so small and petite. I can feel the babies and see her belly jumping around at times. I dont know excatly how to explain when you feel them. I got to where I knew it was them this last week. I may have felt them earlier but they were just so small that I didnt realize it, not sure. I think as she gets farther along you will for sure know you are feeling them.
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They are look round mushy things LOL. Just be super careful. My vet did it and showed me.
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