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Becky, I haven't been around much and just caught this thread. I'm sorry, this has to be an extremely worrisome time for you both. Hopefully, he will find something else soon. Good luck to you two.
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I'm so sorry about your husband being laid off. I'm an ex-Michigander so I understand about all those large factories and lay offs. My sister is an executive at Dow Corning in Midland and for several years, whe would worry about being laid off. I hope your hubby finds a great job and soon!
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Oh I'm sorry to hear that! I'm sure there is a company out there just waiting to scoop him up!
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I am sorry to hear that Beck, I am sure that you guys will be alright though!
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Thanks, everyone. I really really appreciate everyone's support! DH had a rough week at work...everyone is kind of shell shocked. He has started sending out resumes, and I'm sure he will find work in time. I am actually quite optomistic that he will find something good, but of course he is kind of worried!

We'll just keep taking one day at a time, and try to stay positive!
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Aw, Becky, I'm sorry. We went through something similar several years ago and it's SO hard. Men really feel that what they DO is what they ARE, so are often devastated from the loss of a job. It turned out for us to be a blessing in disguise, and I'll pray that's how it is for you. It's hard to hear that though, but keep up the faith! Love, Kim.
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