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My husband lost his job!

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Oh, what a day! Last week, at dh's job, it was announced that 470 people would be "laid off" thoughout his company. I grew up in Flint Michigan, where everyone worked for GM. When the factories "laid off" people, it was a paid vacation. Even if you were "laid off" for years, and ran out of the pay, you still had a great chance of eventually being called back to work. They did not hire new people while ex-employees were available.

At this company, "laid off" means fired. DH's whole division is gone...in about a month he is out of a job. There is a small chance he can move within the company...but it is rather unlikely. His boss even got fired! And just 2 weeks ago dh got a glowing review, and a bonus check! So it is not performance related, just company cutbacks.

I am not extremely worried...he will have several months of severance pay...but it is a blow after holding a job for 10 years, to be told good-bye. So far he is in fairly good spirits, but the next few weeks working with the other "walking wounded" will be very depressing.

Thank goodness I am carrying the health insurance at my job.

I just wanted to share my sad news. Thanks for "listening"!
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Oh gods, I'm so sorry. I know (a little bit) of what you're going through because my fiance has been strung along for the last 6 months (the 2nd job that's done this) as to whether he's going to have a job next week or not.

I hope that your husband finds another job quickly or can move within the company <<<<good luck vibes coming your way>>>>
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Sorry to hear that. I hope he finds a new job where people actually respect their workers (especially after 10 years' service!) soon. (hug)
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I am so sorry. My prayers are with you.
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I'm so sorry to hear this Becki! I'm sure he'll land on his feet, but it's scary in the meantime!
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It is very scary when that happens - when my ex was laid off from his job I had to pay the mortgage, the insurance and everything from my salary for several months. But we got through it and he eventually found a better job. So hang in htere, and I hope it all comes right for you.
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I am so sorry! That is terrible news. It looks like that is going to be the trend for a while since we are sending all of our good paying manufacturingjobs over seas since it is cheaper! to you.

My Lee loses his job in July *Char-broil grills will now be a Chinese product* and I don't know what we are going to do. I don't make enough money bymyself to pay the mortgage, truck payment, insurance etc. You will make it through this as will we!!
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I am so sorry to hear that Becky . After ten years, I cannot imagine how difficult that is for him. The silver lining is that he does have several months of severance pay to support him while he looks for another job. I'm sure his resume looks great after putting in so many years at the company; I'll keep my fingers crossed that he finds a GREAT job soon!
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Wow! I am so sorry to hear about your husband. At least if he has several months of severence, then he's got plenty of time to find a new position.

I am definitely sending you ~~~~~~~~good vibes~~~~~~~~~~ that your husband finds a new job soon.

One key thing, is to remember to be strong during this transition! Believe me, I know!
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I'm so sorry to hear about this. I live in fear of this all the time. After 10 years it must have been a huge blow to him and his confidence. I'm sending lots of good vibes that he will find an even better job real soon and that everything will work out for the best.
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What horrible news. Maybe with so many people being let go the company will arrange for a firm to come in and help peole prepare for the job market - kind of an out placemnet firm! I wish him luck in finding something new!
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I'm so sorry to hear this. After I've been lucky so far but I've seen 20 years of corporate layoffs (including the outsourcing of 90% of the IT dept to India). The main thing to remember that it was that the position that was eliminated, not because of the person in it. It is just a roulette wheel sometimes. I'm glad to hear that he got a good severance since that takes some of the pressure off. He can look at it as an opportunity to take a new direction.

Also, rely on your support systems outside your husband because he will be leaning on you more than he wants to. My husband was out of work for 18 months and but I needed other support so that I could be there for him.

Good luck.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. I'll be praying that another opportunity opens up for your husband soon!
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I second that - sending many good luck vibes your way.
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I agree with what the others have said - I really hope that he can find another good job too - at least he'll have that severance pay for awhile!

I'm sorry to hear about this, I hope things get better soon!
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Many good vibes to you and your husband!!, I know that something will come up soon!.
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Oh I'm so sorry. Like you say he got a glowing review, he is obviously a good worker, I'm sure he'll find work soon.
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I am so sorry to hear that. SInce it is not performance related, and he will have a good reference, it shouldn't be as hard for him to find a job as some people that just do enough to keep from being fired. Sending out prayers and good vibes that he will find something so great he will want to stay until he retires.
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I'm sorry to hear that, it is depressing. My husband has been laid off twice in the last 3 years. The first time he was accused of something he didn't do, and fought to get unemployment and won! The second time it was a real layoff, and they gave him severance, and then he got unemployment. The thing that was scary was that it happened the day we were putting an offer on our house, but we were still able to do it. The good news is that you can put him to work for awhile around the house, that's what I did. Hopefully all will turn out well for him.
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that sux Beckiboo..almost nothing worse than that..here's hoping y'all get back on your feet again, and soon!!!!
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A similar thing happened to me lst yr. We knew several offices would be closed and "merged" with others but as ours was a well performing location we were suprised to hear of our closing. I along with most of the other office employees chose not to relocate. I however had 15 months before the office closed and and still on severance pay for a few more months (with benefits). I was glad as it gives me the opportunity to pursue what I love doing but also a shock as I had given the company 20 years!! Is there job training he can look into???
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Ugh, how horrible after 10 years! I hope he finds something else soon!
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Thank you all so much for your kind words, thoughts and prayers! It really means so much to me to have TCS friends to turn to! I will definitely use all of you as a support system to help us through this uncertain time! I am so encouraged already to have so many great replies!

My co-workers are being very supportive as well, as are our other friends. DH is updating his resume. He was a diesel truck mechanic when we met, and then he went to school to be an electronics technician. So he has lots of marketable skills.

It is sad that so many of you and your loved ones have been in the same boat! Hugs to all...

So far dh is keeping his spirits up and his anger down. I just know that until he finds something new, he will be feeling pretty anxious. Again, thank you so much.
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I'm so sorry I hope he finds something soon. I'm also glad to hear that he will be getting severance pay - at least that will help for a little while until he finds something else.
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I am so sorry....
That sucks.
The good thing is that he will have severance pay, and after that, may be able to get unemployment compensation if he still has not been able to find a job.
Look on the bright side. Is there something he has always wanted to try but never had the time to get into? This could be his chance to get into something he's always wanted to do.

Anyway, I am sending good vibes your way. I hope things work out for you guys. You've got TCS pulling for you; you'll make it!!!
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Aw, I'm really sorry to hear that! So not fair.....
And to hear he was very good at it too, what a shame to have to be "laid off".....
I hope he can find a new job soon and get back on his feet.
It's good he studied to become an electronics technician... It will look great on his resume. Much luck to you guys.

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I'm very sorry to hear this, I hope everything works out for the best and he finds a much better job. Sending good vibes to you and your husband!
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Maybe he can take the severance pay and go to school. o if you think about it maybe the next job will be better pay and he might be happier. Just a thought. Trying to give you positive reinforcment.
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So sorry to hear this! Im sending lots of good luck vibes to you guys! I hope he lands a good job soon. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!
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Sorry to hear this Becki!
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