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Ok well it is storming outside and yes am on the puter but it is wireless So here goes. Skittles is use to all the storms and stuff but Baby Brat my 8 week old pomeranian isn't. How can I make it easier on her so she does not spoke like my Dazy mae did.
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little cutie I just love her


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12 hours later and the thunder is still going on. Right now she seems to be ignoring it. Maybe she thinks it is all normal. Electricity goes off at times she thinks it is playtime. LOL different from when it first started.
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Yeah, I think they more or less pick up on our emotions. If we get nervous and start cuddling them etc.... then they think ok, we are supposed to act scaredy during the storm, but if you go on regularly they seem to be ok. I'm glad she's handling it well Do you have any more pics of her? She is the cutest little love bug
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I am a pic galor person of course I have pictures. Let me search and upload.
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This is her at little over 3 weeks

This is her taking a nap on her pink couch.

Baby Brat after her grooming. I love her in pink.

Here she is playing frisbee and she even found a dryer sheet stuck under the counch LOL.

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I don't think she could possibly be any more adorable I like her in pink too such a little princess.
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Yes mothers always know her best color. I have all boys so my pets are females and I can put them in bright pink. I think her pink also brings out the gloss in her coat. I just wish she would get the hang on the litter box. She puts her 2 front feet in but leaves the butt out and pees on the floor
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