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I finally took some more pictures of Gemma....they're kind of wonky because the lighting wasn't good, but I fixed them up some.

Hoping I brought some milk and scolding me for leaving her:

here, tubby tubby...

"POSE! Is this good? Oh, wait! Wait! Let's try it this way..." haha, she's very photogenic.

And a washed out shot of her eyes...I'm going to try and take some better ones when it's day time. She just has the most beautiful eyes!

Those babies better git here soon!
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Just look at that kissable tummy!
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Wow, her eyes are so beautiful!! Great pics... Yes, she is very photogenic Can't wait for the babies! I know they'll be beautiful like their mommy
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she is so very beautiful
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She is so pretty. Look at the raccoon stripped tail wow. She is just as fluffy as Skittles is. She also lays like her LOL. I hope it is soon also. I want to see babies. Ok for selfish reasons
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She is a beauty, I'll bet she has really pretty kittens!
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I was staring at her picture and I count like 3 possably 4 shades of grey. If you have a boy like mom you can name him Rocky
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Haha, actually, the pictures are really washed out, so you can't see all of the apricot that she has...she actually has more apricot than gray...more white than both combined

I'm naming the kittens after the military phonetic alphabet...Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and if there's four, Delta (ect. ect. ect...). It was actually my dad's idea, even if he was only joking around. I liked the concept, so I'm gonna use it Unless of course they're born in a thunderstorm, then I have to name a boy 'Thor' (and then of course I HAVE to either name the others Tyr/Fenrir/ (ect) or after Stargate Characters ).
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hehehe too funny. I like it.
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Yeah, I'm a military brat (dad is retired), so I guess it all stuck
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Originally Posted by timestreason
Yeah, I'm a military brat (dad is retired), so I guess it all stuck
So am I and I think it is cool what you named them. If I had thought about it I would of also.
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what a beautiful cat --I love her delicate little foxy face.
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Such a pretty girl!
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Yeah, 'foxy' is definitly the right word for her...'My foxy lady.'

Right now she's laying down beside my chair looking at me and sending purrs to everyone!
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