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Sticky Red Blood Cells?

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Jules has been sick for the past 2 days; our vet was closed Sun and Mon, so we took him in this AM to be seen. Bloodwork and xrays were fine; no probs with kidneys or liver. He has not eaten in 2 days, although we were forcing Pedialyte into him. He vomited up some foamy stuff for a bit and then dry-heaved on and off for 36 hrs

The vet has an IV in him giving him fluids, she said he was only mildly dehydrated. However, she is concerned that his red blood cells seem to be "glomming onto one another" and she is at a loss as to what that means. She is going to call some of her vet friends and discuss, and will get back to us.

Has anyone had any experience with this sort of thing? My poor sweet orange guy is so sick...
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His symptoms sound exactly like the symptoms that my cat has when he has episodes of what a feline specialist believes to be pancreatitis. It is very difficult to diagnose in cats and routine bloodwork and x-rays can appear normal. Texas A&M has developed a better blood test for feline pancreatitis. My cat has not had the blood problem but there are secondary problems that can be caused by the release of digestive enzymes into their body. The only treatment for the initial pancreatitis is fluids and antibiotics. I don't know about treatment for the secondary complications.
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The vet decided that there was too much blood on the slide she'd tested and re-did the test. No sticky blood cells this time.

Jules is home on Clavamox and is isolated in our upstairs bathroom. He misses his sibs and friends, but is eating, drinking and using the box.

Tonight he actually walked over to me when I came in to see him, and cried to be picked up. I held him and he purred and headbumped me.

I love my little orange guy!
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