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Two week old pics and update.

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Hello, im back for a baby update.

We are at the two week old mark tonight and have eyes open and we are starting to crawl away from momma. I dont know if crawl would even be the right word... scoot maybe? We are also all fat! Momma feeds us all the time!

Angie moved them from the nest to the living room beside my chair. Not the most ideal spot but she refused to let us move them back so we are letting her do her momma thing. The kittens father is actually babysitting for mom when she is away. We tried keeping him away but it was very hard to do in such a small place. Thankfully he doesnt seem to do any harm and infact acts like he wants to protect them. He cleans each one very tenderly and waits until Angie gets back then licks her head for a minute and runs off. It is very sweet. Picvault has not been working for me very well lately so I cant share all the pics I have of them. But here are a few... the one of Rosie is my favorite... but I think i am partial to her because of the rough welcome she got into this world...shes gonna stay with us. I cant imagine life without her and shes only been around two weeks. *grin*
Bull #1 lil fatty
Sammy#2 looks the most like his dad Samuel in the face. *Grins*
Rosie #3 with eyes open the smallest and the sweetest
Whiskers #4 second sweetest
Hanna #5 Loud mouth

Angie seems to be leaving them more and more and for longer periods of time. Is this ok since they are doing so well. We were worried at first and tried to kenell them together but Angie freaked out and we thought it best not to upset her more than need be. They are all fat and they stay warm... tiny lil heaters. She also responds to their serious loud cries. Should we just keep letting her do her thing?
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Yes, it is normal for her to be leaving them for longer periods of time, as long as she goes back when they fuss.

They are just gorgeous! They all have such similar markings (except for Hanna)...I love Bull...I would take him home in a heartbeat, what a sweetie!
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They are all darling...i think i've fallen for Hanna....I love the loudmouths!!
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What gorgeous little babies! I think that little Whiskers is quite cute with his little mustache. *giggle* They are all very, very beautiful. I have a big soft spot in my heart for black and white kitties.
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