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I just got 2 cats, had them for about 1 month. About 2 years old, brother and sister. The sister is kinda lame, she doesnt let you get close to her. The brother is so cool, he doesnt care what you do, but she just runs away, and when you feed her, she makes sure your are done putting the food in the bowl, and if you come close to add more she runs away.

Now the odd thing is, every night we close the bedroom door, 9 hours we wake up later, i open the door go to the batroom and both cats including the dorky girl cat, rub all over my legs and stuff. And she lets you pet her and all that. This happens about every single dang day, but its freaking wierd how shes all close to you in the morning and later in day when we come back from work shes a wierdo and doesnt let you get closer then 3 feet from her.